It’s another beautiful Tuesday and today we celebrate one of our own, a smart and hardworking young man, he is Arosanyin Victor, a PayPorte Campus ambassador representing the university of Ilorin kwara state. This young man is doing so well for himself. In this interview with PayPorte blog he talks about his growing up, why he chose fashion and he talked about his experience being a campus ambassador amidst other things, we sure had fun interviewing Victor. Please enjoy.

PPB: Victor, so tell us something about you??

Victor: My name is Arosanyin mofeoluwa victor a 300level student of the department of architecture university of Ilorin. Am also fashion designer, stylist and a wardrobe consultant

PPB: What was growing up like for you??

Victor: Well growing up was nice, I grew up in Ilorin and it was fun to be precise, all thanks to my family and a couple of friends I had around

PPB: That’s good, so tell me how life has been in the university

Victor: To be honest, it has been stressful, considering the kind of course am studying, often times I have to stay up all night till the next morning in the drawing studio designing and still have to make back in time for 8am classes and then I Still have to juggle being an architecture student with business, and trust me it’s not that easy. on a lighter note, life in the university can be fun also, with all the hangouts , meeting friends, the gigs and the rest…well I think life in the university is both stressful and fun

PPB: That’s pretty interesting, you must be a superman (smiles). How do you balance being an architecture and a fashion designer plus being a stylist and even a wardrobe consultant?

Victor: Well it’s been God, I really don’t know how I do this, but I know I make do of some certain methods such as time management and I can say it’s been quite efficient. I try as much as possible to allocate a certain time frame for each thing and ensure I work within that time frame though it can be stressful on some occasions, and again sacrifice and dedication also matters, there are days I will leave lectures to attend to a client or even miss lectures for a shoot but thank God it’s all playing out well.

PPB: How has your stay in the University of Ilorin been?

Victor: My stay in Unilorin has been fun though it has its ups and downs but we pushing and we will definitely push through

PPB: Amen, it’s almost over actually, let me ask Why fashion?

Victor: Hmmm why fashion? Okay basically I grew up knowing my mum as a fashion designer, and then during weekends or when we are on break my dad would ask us to go along with my mum to her shop to help her out, from there I grabbed a thing or two, I would help her with some little stuffs, some finishing touches especially during festive periods when the work load was kind of much and with time I started doing “slimfit” jobs for my friends in high school. when I got to the university I decided to try and make some outfits for myself, just like that people loved what I did so I thought to myself that I can make some extra cash from this you know, so basically I would say fashion found me, I didn’t have to go all the way searching for it, I grew with fashion all around me so it was an easy choice and moreover I love looking good

PPB:  That’s interesting, what motivates you?

Victor: Well my greatest motivation I would say is my mum!

PPB: What is your experience being a campus ambassador?

Victor: Wow it’s been mind blowing, is it from our unveiling as ambassadors  to the hype i get in school for being an ambassador, like some folks even call me Mr. PayPorte (smiles)…it’s been an awesome experience so far, I’m honoured

PPB: Mr. PayPorte, that’s cool. How has the journey been with PayPorte so far?

Victor: It’s been amazing, am super glad I’m affiliated with this wonderful family.

PPB: We are so glad to have you in the family Victor, Keep making us proud.

Victor: Thank you

PPB: Thank you for your time, we appreciate you.

Victor: It’s an honour.1


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