Let’s be real there are days I feel growing up is a scam, when was the last time someone packed my lunch box for me and added some lunchtime snacks and who even has time for snacks these days? When I find the time all I want to eat is a large plate of fried rice and grilled chicken.

I was really thinking this morning about the days my mom would gladly pack my lunchbox and add some snacks, the days I would gossip about the boys and girls in my school, the days I hated my teachers for beating me for making noise in class and the days I would munch on these goodies. If you are in the mood for some nostalgia then check this out.

  1. CABIN BISCUITS: This was the real life saver, it had a yummy taste that will make you want more and this biscuit was my life saver in the boarding school just add some milk and Milo, you are good to go, biscuit flakes on point!
  2. ROBOT BANANA CHEWING GUM: This chewing gum was the real deal back then, this gum had questions behind the wrapper, I bought this gum back then so I could learn new things. That’s the beautiful thing o, you can eat gum and still have sense but what is so painful about this gum is that after 5 chews the flavor is gone so you would always need more. It had other flavours too.
  3. OKIN BISCUITS: I use to crave for this, as far as OkIn was concerned shortcakes was my favourite.
  4. YALE BISCUITS: okay, I actually love speedy biscuits, I had a beef for pepper snacks because it was kind of salty but that’s the idea of the biscuit o and Yale was just pretty awesome!
  5. BABA DUDU: I can’t describe the feeling this sweet brought, baba dudu was just epic jare!
  6. ECLAIRS SWEET: I have always loved chocolate, a lot of my small money went into buying this sweet and it just gave us that amazing thought of licking ‘original’ chocolates.
  7. GOODY GOODY CANDY: This was another exciting chocolate bar and I practically loved the sticky nature it had, a bite of goody goody and you will want more.

What snacks did you miss from your childhood? Let us know in the comments session.



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