Papers flying all around, mails waiting for you to reply, your supervisor threating you with a sack if you don’t meet up with deadlines, huh, who wants to go through that stress all alone without having a shoulder to lean on, Nah, even the strongest of us needs a support system.  Is adding a little fun to your work so risky? Let’s go on this adventure together.

What happens when that cute guy in the accounting department starts giving a preferential treatment or that lady in marketing starts complimenting you and your emotions start misbehaving, like they say you start catching feelings for that cute guy or that pretty lady? Is it the time to run away or is it really okay to navigate the minefield of office romance. I know you have  a preconceived idea about dating a colleague for a lot of us it’s a negative mindset while for the rest of us it’s cool, whatever school of thought you belong to its perfect, it has its own pros and cons and we will be discussing it.


  • People spend longer time at work these days and spending that much time with somebody gives you an inside into them, you get to be intimate with that person which serves as a great foundation for your love life, pretense can only go on for a while, you get to know the real person when they are under pressure and so the workplace is an exciting place to know people.
  • Dating someone in your workplace reduces the pressure of your work, you definitely have a shoulder to lean on.
  • Office romance gives you a partner that understand the demands of your job because you both are in the system, your partner understands your time and availability which eases the tension off you.
  • There is also the safety of dating someone you already know you, you have seen them inside out, this is somebody you see and relate with every day, it is easier and safer to fall in love with a colleague than a stranger you met in a bar or a club.
  • Two people dating in an office can bring positivity to the company, they can share ideas and collaborating to bring a great spark in the company.


  • Office romance hardly stays between two people, it could spark up gossips among other colleagues and it means your love life is now public and everybody suddenly becomes relationship counselors which leads to scrutiny and could cause a big friction between the two of you. A growing relationship should be between you two so that it could mature properly before it becomes available for public consumption.
  • If by chance a break up happens you have to see your ex and in worse cases you have to work with that person everyday which is not a palatable situation, this is hard on the person who doesn’t want the relationship to end, it could create an hostile environment, poor performance and absenteeism.
  • Work and romance is not much of a healthy mixture, like they say you don’t miss business and pleasure together. You may find yourself taking longer hours at lunch and sneaking off to be alone which could affect your productivity and it could also lead to jealousy among other colleagues.


Finding love is such a big deal and even if you find yours 10,000 miles from where you are it still has its own hazards all the same and no one can really ascertain where they would find their future partner, if you find yours in the work place then go ahead and make it work.

Relationships is always about commitment and if you both know how to separate work from pleasure then it’s fine. I will advise you think it through before you embark on a workplace romance, weigh your pros and cons and if you feel it is worth the risk then go for it my darling! Love is a beautiful thing when you find the right one.

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