“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” (Dwayne Johnson).

While studying for my first degree I realized I had a gift. I wrote quite well, it became so obvious when I decided to write letters for my male friends when they needed to win the heart of the girls and somehow my writings did the magic but I never paid attention to it until my final year when I landed my first writing gig and I got a credit alert on my phone, I could remember screaming and calling all my friends because as far as I was concerned I had just hit a jackpot, I have been writing and no one has ever paid, Jeez! It was a big deal.

As a young writer, the challenge came when some of my articles were rejected, this is what I want to do, I want to pour my time and invest my energy into writing, I became so complacent at a point that I only wrote when I got a gig which affected my growth as a writer and I was rejected just because I was not improving something was detrimental to my growth as a writer, it is ‘INCONSISITENCY’,  it was when I decided to be consistent with my writings that I got my breakthrough as a writer.

Inconsistency is a pitfall for anyone who refuses to grow, when people attain a level of success they decide to relax and stop but growth is a part of success, I’m not a motivational speaker ooo, am I sounding like one? Nah! But the truth is time is a revealer of things.

Anything you do overtime becomes a part of you and before you know it you are an expert at it, let me tell you another story. I decided to take a class on drumming in 2010, I enrolled for the training and as a young female drummer I was commanding attention and respect but here was the issue I was not consistent and I refused to practice so somehow I lost it and right now I can’t even a simple beat anymore which is so painful because I would be reaping the benefits now if I was consistent, I’m sure I would be an expert but I gave up.

Whatever it is that you want to do, start it and put your heart into it, dedicate and allot a particular time for it, let’s say you want to be a good graphics designer, stop procrastinating and get busy, get tutorials, get mentors and all those jazz those designers use to do but here is the key, be consistent at it and you can be sure in some couple of years you will be competing with the As in the world of graphics.

A lot of people are as talented as you are but consistency makes the difference while one is thinking, one is doing. It is not about the length of the practice, it is consistency! What is the point of training for 10 hours once in a month, that guy who trains 30 minutes every day will definitely be your senior.

The difference between you and that dude who is making waves is ‘CONSISTENCY’. Stop wishing and start doing!

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