It’s another throwback Thursday and today we are throwing it back to the days when threads and weaving were the real deal and fashion was about making simple hairstyles and spending little money but the story has changed sha we are in the days of Brazilian and Peruvian hair, every girl definitely rocked one or more of the hairstyles back in the days and we all couldn’t wait for Fridays when the Social prefect will call a new style. Let’s check out 10 of those hairstyles.

  1. All back: This was so common back and it was very simple, the big girls will add brush to theirs.

    All Back
  2. Shuku: This was very common too, it’s still trending till date though and our big girls will add base to theirs.

  3. Patewo: It simply means clap your hands in Yoruba, the hairstyle is more like hands clapped and our big girls will make theirs tiny.

  4. Koroba: This is shuku upside down and the only problem with this hairstyle is that if the sun comes out you might not really find it funny as the sun penetrates straight into the center of the hair.

  5. Heavenly King: Some call it love come down, the hairstyle is basically Patewo in the middle, a base in front and all back at the back.

    Love come down/ Heavenly King
  6. Police Cap: This was another interesting hairstyle back then, it actually has the shape of a police with the base meeting at the side.

    Police cap
  7. Orisabunmi/ who is in the garden: This is another interesting hairstyle, it is a combination of Koroba and Shuku.

    Orisabunmi/Who is in the garden
  8. Kiko: This was another interesting hairstyle that was common, a rubber like thread is used to achieve this, it could either be made normally or packed at the back, I could remember it was called Pineapple in my school back then.

  9. June 12: This is another hairstyle that you just can’t resist, it looked more like all front and all back.

    June 12
  10. Ipako Elede: This is the reverse form of All back
    Ipako Elede

    Image source: Google/OMGVoice


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