Adenike Bankole is not your regular kind of girl, her intellectual level is extra high and her smartness is second to none which is why we decided to celebrate this amazing woman, her life is an inspiration. In an interview with PayPorte  Blog she talked about her growing up, her career and what makes her unique, it was so much fun interviewing Adenike.

Enjoy the interview

PPB: Miss Adenike, good morning. How you doing?

Adenike: Good morning, I’m fine thank you

PPB: Tell us a little about you

Adenike: I’m Bankole Adenike, I’m from Lagos state, a graduate of History and Diplomatic studies from Olabisi Onabanjo University and I was born on the 26th June, so please start preparing your birthday gifts it’s almost here (smiles).

PPB: Okay Miss Nike, I’m sure everyone is getting ready. What was your childhood dream?

Adenike: I wanted to be a lawyer, there was a law firm around our house, I admired how smart and beautiful female lawyers looked and I also loved the respect they commanded.

PPB: What happened to the childhood dream?

Adenike:  OOU happened na (smiles), History and diplomatic studies was my second choice so somehow that was the course I was given.

PPB: Studying History and diplomatic studies, how was the journey?

Adenike: Studying that course was challenging, it was a bit tough but at the end of the day the course sharpened me and made me smarter. I can say it’s challenging in a good way.

PPB: What was growing up like for you?

Adenike: Growing up was interesting and it was the foundation upon which my intellectual property is built, My dad made us work for everything we want so when we want money or something he would require us to either write a standard letter or beat him up at chess or scrabble. It was weird back then but looking back at it now it was actually preparing me for the future.

PPB: What was growing up with your siblings like?

Adenike: It was actually cool, I was the loud one. It was all fun we all loved each other and my parents made sure we had the best life. We are six and I am the fourth born.

PPB: What drives you as an individual? What motivates you?

Adenike: The thought of failure keeps me going, Failure is my fear. I hate failure so the drive to succeed pushes me and excelling is my priority.

PPB: What’s your vision in life as an individual?

Adenike: As a young person there is so much to offer, I want to be in a position where I can impact people technically and socio-culturally in Nigeria and be a part of the force that makes Nigeria better.

PPB: When did you join PayPorte?

Adenike: April 11 2016

PPB: What do you do for PayPorte?

Adenike: PayPorte House girl (laughs), okay I am the Head Product Management.

PPB: How has PayPorte affected and helped your growth?

Adenike: I had a rapid growth because our MD/CEO allows you to grow and he gives you the room to explore, it’s been a very interesting journey. I have been able to accommodate people and also identify my own flaws, I have grown to be a better leader, I have transitioned from business to the techy world which was a new field to me but somehow I’ve grown, seen my flaws and picked my lessons from different leadership positions.

PPB: How did you cope when you moved to the Tech department?

Adenike: When I was moved to the Tech department even the guys were confused because I had zero knowledge, I had to take the classes on product management but the guys we were so accommodating, they broke everything down so I could understand, it was such an exciting experience.

PPB: How do you strike the balance between work and having fun?

Adenike: I have my moments, there is time for everything, it’s been challenging. I hardly sleep because I love working but I try to balance it, I still create the time to have fun.

PPB: How do you deal with male colleagues?

Adenike: Emotional Intelligence is what I use, I take my time to understand them and get the right reactions to use at different times.

PPB: How do you handle your relationships?

Adenike: I am surrounded with amazing people. I have a significant other who challenges me to do more, he expects me to be on top of my game all the time , we both have the same drive which has made the walk easier, he encourages me and he supports me all the time.

PPB: What are your hobbies?

Adenike: Eating, learning new things and watching movies on my bed.

PPB: Who is your role model?

Adenike: God and whatever is Just, pure and honest is a role model. My ModusOperandi is that “Reach for the Moon, Even If You Miss, You’ll Land Among the Stars “

PPB: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Adenike: A strategic position where PayPorte has made it to the list of fortune 500 companies, playing a major role in making that happen for us.

PPB: What are your final words?

Adenike: The world is yours so grab it, set your mind on positive things, the only person that can stop you is you.

PPB: Thank you Miss Adenike and by the way you look lovely.

Adenike: It’s an honour.




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