It’s another beautiful Monday and as you know it’s the special day for men and on PayPorte blog we celebrate men who are making impact in their own little way and today we are crushing on a dedicated and hardworking staff of PayPorte global systems Adebowale, in this interview he talked about his childhood dreams and his experience as a vendor manager for PayPorte.

Enjoy the interview.

PPB: Mr. Debo Good afternoon, how you doing today?

Debo: I’m fine, thank you o

PPB: Can you tell us a little about you?

Debo: I am Erinfolami Adebowale Timothy, a graduate of Computer Science from Bowen University Iwo, I’m from Oyo state and I almost forgot, I was born October 19th.

PPB: What was your childhood dream?

Debo: I always wanted to be a Pilot and somewhere in between my dad fell in love with the dream so he kept encouraging me but I think I lost the zeal along the line and another one I wanted to be a soldier, my grandfather was a soldier he even fought in the world war so I guess looking at his pictures inspired me and I wanted to be just like him but like they say we can’t all we want so here am I, I became a computer scientist.

PPB: Why did you study computer science?

Debo: I loved chemistry because I had a wonderful teacher, allow me to celebrate him he is Mr. Okelade. I decided to study petrochemical engineering so I put in for that course at the University of Ibadan but the admission process was taking a long while and my mom wasn’t so comfortable so I had to opt in for my second choice which was Bowen but they had no engineering course and I had to settle for Computer Science and I had no regrets.

PPB: Hmm, so what was growing up like

Debo: I was born and bred in Lagos, so I’m a legit lagos boy o (smiles), growing up was fun, I am the first child, I have two beautiful sisters we experience the normal siblings rivalry but I love both of them and my parents they are absolutely the best, they tried to make life so comfortable for us and really I had a very interesting childhood.

PPB: What’s your Vision as an individual?

Debo: I love people and I want to birth solutions but at the end of the day I want to be a philanthropist.

PPB: what do you do for PayPorte?

Debo: I am a vendor manager

PPB: When did you join PayPorte?

Debo: I joined in 2015 before my NYSC when my posting came out, I was posted to Kebbi but I couldn’t redeploy so I came back fully as a staff after my youth service in 2016.

PPB: How has working with PayPorte been?

Debo: Initially it was challenging but when I got to understand the system it’s been a very exciting journey, I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve really learnt how to deal with people, understanding them but in all it’s been an amazing journey.

PPB: Do you have any role model?

Debo: yes and that will be D’banj

PPB: What are your hobbies?

Debo: Dancing, travelling and drumming.

PPB: Where do you see yourself in the nearest future?

Debo: Happily married and being the CEO of my own company

PPB: What do you have to say to everyone reading this?

Debo: whatever you want to do, put your heart into it and do your best, put God first and stay positive all the time.

PPB: Thank you so much for your time and by the way you look lovely

Debo: Awwn, it’s such a big honour, thank you.





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