Hi guys, it’s a beautiful Saturday, I’m sure you are either at that Owanbe or a date with the boo or hanging out with friends or just staying indoors, whatever the case may be make sure you enjoy yourself. I am back with another makeup trick. Let’s do this!

Today, I am sharing tips on “How to Highlight the Face” with you. Contouring and Highlighting or vice versa, go hand in hand. Whenever I choose to contour my face, it surely means I am also going to highlight my face. Contouring and highlighting are like chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream: best together.

No makeup look has truly been complete without the perfect highlighter finish. Thanks to our favourite beauty vloggers and makeup-loving celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenner clan, contouring and highlighting have become Olympic disciplines amongst beauty lovers. It seems like everywhere you go to, everyone wants you to see the glow on their faces and on the social media, different MUAS’ want to show you how they are the best in the highlighting and contouring art. However, there is no perfect method of highlighting for everyone’s face, you just have to pick a style and stick to it. Do not be afraid if you do not have any idea how this is done, I gat you*smiles*

Highlighting simply is the art of making your face bright, beautiful and bold. It accentuates the area of your face where light is possibly going to fall on with light concealer or highlighter. It is applied after you have carefully blended in the foundation on your face for an even surface, then you contour your face as usual. Just like contouring, foundation is usually the base for highlights, so as to make the highlighter sit well on your well to make it look natural and warm.

In addition to your usual essential makeup kit, To highlight, the tools you will use includes the following; you will need a concealer that is two shade lighter than your skin tone, a makeup blending sponge, a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush and your choice of one or multiple highlighters in either cream, stick or powder form.

To apply, the highlighter has to be two shades lighter than your skin tone/shade so as to lay emphasis on the areas of your face that naturally catch the light. As you go over your face, apply it in the following areas;

Under the brow bone (to highlight your brow).
Apple of the cheek. (to accentuate your cheek).
Bridge of the nose (to make it appear slimmer).
Inner corner of the eye (to open up your eyes and make you more awake). 
Diagonal along the cheekbone (to give your face a visual lift). 
Cupid’s Bow (for a fuller pout)
Center of your eyelid(to make you look bright and sharp)

. … and blend into your skin with a damp beauty blender. Then you set with a setting powder to keep the highlighted areas in shape. Simple, right!

How do you highlight your face shape? kindly share in the comment session

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