Wednesdays are for women who are working so hard and are really making impacts, today on PayPorte Blog we are crushing on a strong, intelligent and amazing young woman Catherine Omadevuae, she is so full of life and a very talented woman. In this interview she talks about her growing up, her dreams as a woman, her experience working with PayPorte and of course her love life as she prepares to walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams come June 16th. Enjoy the interview.


PPB: Good morning ma’am, how you doing today and how is the weather treating you?

Catherine: I’m fine thank you and the weather is not bad (smiles)


PPB: Tell us a little about you.

Catherine: My name is Catherine Omadevuae from Delta state, I was born on the 16th of February and I studied Philosophy and Religions at the University of Benin.

PPB: What was your childhood dream?

Catherine: Growing up as a little girl, I always wanted to be a business woman, own my own company I named it Catherine’s house, I wanted it to be a place filled with several service providers like makeup artistes and the likes and at the same time I wanted to be a lawyer.

PPB: That’s a big dream so what happened to the dream of being a lawyer

Catherine: I actually applied for law but I was given Philosophy as of that time it was a new department so I felt there is no harm in trying and I sure enjoyed the course.

PPB: Do you still have plans to pursue your dreams of being a business woman

Catherine: Definitely, I might even get a law degree, who knows?

PPB: Tell us, what was growing up like?

Catherine: Growing up was fun, I grew up in Lagos and the thing is I had and still have them though, loving siblings who was always watching out for me, my elder ones are always watching me, all I had to was eat and flex all around the house. Yes, growing up was so much fun.


PPB: What do you do for PayPorte?

Catherine: I am the food store manager.

PPB: Great, tell us a little about the PayPorte food store

Catherine: it was established August 2016 with a strong desire to lessen the burden of people while trying to make delicious meals, so all they have to do is to visit the website make their orders and we will sure deliver it to their door step.

PPB: That’s interesting, so what kind of food?

Catherine: Different categories ranging from vegetables, to fruits, to raw foods and even beverages, it’s all available on

PPB: When did you join PayPorte?

Catherine: 2016

PPB: What’s your vision in life?

Catherine: I am committed to growth, I want to be successful and relevant to mankind but most importantly I want to be an asset.

PPB: How has PayPorte affected your growth and channeled you to the fulfillment of your dreams?

Catherine: Working with Payporte has been a blessing, I never dreamt of working in an e-commerce firm but getting to PayPorte it’s a different ball game entirely, I have discovered new things about myself. I have worked in several departments like Cataloguing, Front Desk, Procurement, Order management and now food store and all of them has made me a better person and my ideas and visions has been sharpened. In all, it has been a period of growth and exposure.

PPB: how have you been able to overcome challenges in your career?

Catherine: there will always be challenges but we have a CEO who doesn’t believe in impossibility, his faith and belief in us has kept people like me going  and with God the journey has been easier.

PPB: What other things do you find pleasure doing?

Catherine: I love cooking, adventures, travelling and I love being at events.

PPB: you are a professional make-up artiste, why make-up?

Catherine: That’s a very interesting question. I admire good eye brows but there was really nobody I could learn from, one beautiful morning in my uni days I came across a banner for a 2 weeks intensive make-up training, I decided to go so I could learn something new but somehow it was tough being a beginner but I had a very patient tutor who kept encouraging me and as time went on I fell love with it, my love for it grew  and the rest they say is history.

PPB: Who are your role models?

Catherine: Tara Fela Durotoye, Genevieve Nnaji and Tuface.


PPB: How do you feel knowing your wedding is less than 3 weeks away?

Catherine:  I feel so elated, it’s an answered prayer. I am not marrying to early neither am I marrying so late, God made it happen at the perfect time.

PPB: How did you meet your fiancé?

Catherine: He is Michael Okon and we met during our National Youth Service at the orientation camp, Ondo state precisely. I didn’t like him initially but he was always coming around and every time the weather was cold he would give me his jacket on the parade ground but he blew my mind the day he did a shout out for me on Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS), I kept blushing but there was nothing serious until a year after NYSC we reconnected and he asked me out, I gladly said yes and we are getting married soon.

PPB: How did you know he was the one?

Catherine: I found Peace with him, he is such an awesome guy, very romantic and so caring. He actually touched my heart in a different way and I knew there and then this has to be to the answer to my prayer and I’m glad to be his woman.

PPB: Awwwn, sweet story. Congrats ma’am

Catherine: thank you (smiles)

PPB: What are your final words?

Catherine: Stay teachable, stay open to life knowing that everything works together for good, if you are patient enough you will get the best from life


PPB: Thank you for your time and I must confess you look good, you have the marriage glow already.

Catherine: (Laughs) Onome!!! It’s a privilege thank you.






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