“Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success” (C.S. Lewis).

It’s another inspiration Monday and today we will be talking about failure, what exactly happens when you hit the rock bottom, what happens when you make mistakes or what happens when failure stares at you in the eye and you are left with no other option.

While striving for success and the enthusiasm is so strong we are not taught that failure could happen, a lot of us start the journey with a lot of faith and passion without considering the place of failure.

Ask any great man, failure is part of the package of being successful but what kept these great men and women is their ability to persevere and the quality faith they had in themselves and their visions, if they had given up at the first instance do you think we will know them, No, we won’t.

A lot of people who have the potentials to be great are really broke and confused because they gave up at the slightest glimpse of failure, on the road to success always map out at the back of your mind that you can fail but what do you plan to do with the failure, will you sit and weep or you pick your lessons and move on.



If you have ever come across the movie Harry Porter then you must have heard about the woman behind the story, read a little of her story.

Rowling is one of the most inspirational success stories of our time. Many people simply know her as the woman who created Harry Potter. But, what most people don’t know is what she went through prior to reaching stardom. Rowling’s life was not peaches and cream. She struggled tremendously.

In 1990, Rowling first had the idea for Harry Potter. She stated that the idea came “fully formed” into her mind one day while she was on a train from Manchester to London. She began writing furiously. However, later that year, her mother died after 10 years of complications from Multiple Sclerosis.

In 1992 she moved to Portugal to teach English where she met a man, married, and had a daughter. In 1993, her marriage ended in divorce and she moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to be closer to her sister. At that time, she had three chapters of Harry Potter in her suitcase.

Rowling saw herself as a failure at this time. She was jobless, divorced, penniless, and with a dependent child. She suffered through bouts of depression, eventually signing up for government-assisted welfare. It was a difficult time in her life, but she pushed through the failures.

In 1995 all 12 major publishers rejected the Harry Potter script. But, it was a year later when a small publishing house, Bloomsbury, accepted it and extended a very small £1500 advance.  In 1997, the book was published with only 1000 copies, 500 of which were distributed to libraries.

In 1997 and 1998, the book won awards from Nestle Smarties Book Prize and the British Book Award for Children’s Book of the Year. After that, it was one wild ride for Rowling. Today, Rowling has sold more than 400 million copies of her books, and is considered to be the most successful woman author in the United Kingdom.


He is the richest man in the world but he never attained that height in one year, as a matter of fact he failed and failed.

Before Microsoft was born, Bill Gates suffered failure in business. Known today to be one of the wealthiest men in the world, Bill Gates’s upper middle-class family is a stark contrast from some of the other successful failures out there that didn’t have well-off parents.

However, Bill Gates didn’t rely on his family. His business acumen was second to none. But his first business was indeed a failure. Traf-O-Data was a partnership between Gates, Paul Gilbert, and Paul Allen. The goal of the business was to create reports for roadway engineers from raw traffic data.

The company did achieve a little bit of success by processing the raw traffic data to generate some income. But the machine that they had built to process the data flopped when they tried to present it to a Seattle County traffic employee. Yet, this business helped to set Gates and his partner Paul Allen up for major success with Microsoft.

Although Gates failed at his first business, it didn’t discourage him from trying again. He didn’t want to give up because the sheer notion of business intrigued him. He was cleverly able to put together a company that revolutionized the personal computing marketplace. And we all know just how successful that was for him.


These two stories should inspire you that success is right around the corner when life feels so tough and challenging. Failures should propel you to try harder, don’t let it tear you down.  I ask you this morning what if you fail then you try again and try harder at the end of the day we will all gather to celebrate you if you don’t quit.


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