The UEFA champions league final between Real Madrid and Liverpool was really tough and challenging for both teams but yesterday night was a nightmare for Liverpool fans and players and I’m sure Klopp is not finding it funny either as Gareth Bale shattered their dreams by scoring two powerful goals that made the night for Real Madrid.



Liverpool started the path of misfortune when they lost their goal machine Mo’Salah to a terrible injury, the goal machine was taken out of the final by a first half entanglement with Madrid’s great cynic-in-chief, Sergio Ramos.


The Egyptian left the pitch in tears on just half an hour and he seemed to know then what Klopp confirmed later, that the injury was “really serious” and could cost him a place at the World Cup finals. Ramos was not even booked and we will never know if he could have foreseen what would happen but there was no question that he held onto Salah long after the Liverpool man was going down at a precipitous angle, slammed into the pitch.

Loosing Salah at the beginning was the least anyone expected and a lot of people had begun to wonder how Liverpool would win without him and as if that was enough Liverpool goal keeper Karius had the kind of night that a goalkeeper will never be able to forget and as he later sobbed in front of the Liverpool end, trying to express his sorrow for two terrible errors, you wondered at how long the young German’s career will take to recover. He had thrown a ball against Karim Benzema’s foot for Madrid’s first goal and flapped in the second of Bale’s which was struck from 40 yards by Bale in the firm belief that whatever by that point he did would turn to gold. It felt as though Karius was lost.

By the end of the night it felt that whatever Gareth Bale tried in this Champions League final would find the back of the Liverpool net, and even if what he attempted was not good enough then it would be Loris Karius’ misfortune to help it on its way.

This was the fourth Champions League final of Bale’s five years at Real Madrid, but the first in which he upstaged everyone, including Cristiano Ronaldo on the kind of night that is supposed to belong to Ronaldo.

The match ended with a goal count of 3-1 making Real Madrid the winner of the UEFA champions’ league with the first goal scored by Karim Benzema at the 50th minute, 4 minutes later Sadio Mane scored the first and only goal for Liverpool and the other two goals that dictated the end result of the match was scored by Gareth Bale at the 63rd minute and the 82nd minute.

At the end of the day Real Madrid won the competition and they were crowned as the champions. Man of the match of course its Gareth Bale.





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