As we all know that hauntie Meghan is now a part of the Royal family, she is officially the Duchess of Sussex and it’s not a title that does not come with responsibilities, there are responsibilities associated with being a part of the Royal family as a matter of fact there are strict rules Meghan has to adhere to, Meghan is already adjusting following her first outing after her wedding to Prince Harry which is Prince Charles’ 70th on May 22nd. Let’s discuss twelve of those rules.

  1. Goodbye to Selfies: the days of smiling and taking selfies with fans might be over for the suits actress, as a royal you are not allowed to take selfies. On one of her first outings with Harry after they got engaged, according to Express, Meghan politely turned down a request from a fan to take a selfie, saying, “We’re not allowed to take selfies.” The reason for this is apparently so no one can literally (and metaphorically) turn their backs on the royals. I’m sorry Queen Elizabeth but this sounds so funny to me.
  2. Entering A Room With The Royal Family Is Done In Order Of The Line Of Succession: During official royal events, the family will enter said events in the order of succession. That makes Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip first, then Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, followed by Prince William and Kate Middleton and their children, and then Harry and Meghan.
  3. You don’t eat before the Queen: according to express this is basically one of the oldest rules in the book. If you’re at dinner (or any meal) with the Queen, you don’t start eating until she does.
  4. You don’t sleep before the Queen: The same rule applies you are not allowed to sleep until the queen decides to, Okay, all hail the queen.
  5. No crossing of Legs: According to E! News, women in the royal family are not to cross their legs when they sit. It’s not considered appropriate.
  6. Say No to Wedges: sorry Meghan but According to Vanity Fair, Queen Elizabeth absolutely hates wedge shoes.
  7. No Voting, And by Extension, No Expressing Political Opinion: Royals famously stay neutral when it comes to political beliefs. It’s not illegal for them to vote or anything like that, but it’s rather an old tradition that they do not break.
  8. No social media accounts: This got me shaking. The duchess deleted her social media accounts (she was fairly active on Instagram when she wasn’t dating Harry) as part of her royal duties. All social media for her is now handled by the royal family’s various accounts, but most updates about her and Harry are handled through the Kensington Palace account, as are the updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.Meghan also had to shut down her lifestyle blog, The Tig. It was previously very active and included interviews with successful women, like Claire Ptak — the woman Meghan and Harry asked to bake their wedding cake.
  9. Short skirts, No way!: The queen disapproves of hemlines higher than an inch or two above the knee. Regular female visitors such as Kate, Camilla, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are already aware of the fashion stipulation. If Meghan hasn’t already ditched her little black dresses or her minis, time to throw them out!
  10. No travelling without mourning clothes: This rule reportedly started when Queen Elizabeth’s father died while she and Prince Philip were on a vacation. When they returned from the trip immediately following his death, she waited on the plane until proper black clothing could be brought for her to change into so she would be in the appropriate mourning attire. Now, members of the royal family always travel with mourning clothes in case a family member dies while they’re traveling. Dark stuff!
  11. No hats after 6pm: Meghan is fan of a hat, seen wearing a selection over the years including baseball caps, beanies and fedoras and despite rocking a few while out on official and unofficial appearances with Prince Harry, they must be off by 6pm.A royal rule is strictly no head gear other than a tiara can be worn past that hour. Now Meghan’s part of the family, she’ll have to stick to that too.
  12. No Dark Nails:According to sources at OK! magazine, Royal Family members are prohibited from wearing dark and colored nail polish. Meghan wore the Queen’s favorite color, Essie’s Ballet Slippers, to the Royal Wedding

These are some of the rules Sister Meghan has to what do you think? Are they cool or they are kinda awkward, let me know in the comments session.

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  • Abbey Sanga
    Posted May 24, 2018 6:36 pm 0Likes

    She must have known about these rules before making up her mind to marry Harry. So its cool!!


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