“Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks” (Yo-yo Ma)
Have you ever looked at someone and wonder where they got their extra energy from? you wonder why they are not tired? It is simply PASSION, Passion is what keeps you going when nothing makes sense.

Wikipedia defines passion as a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something. Passion can range from eager interest in or admiration for an idea, proposal, or cause.


You can go extra mile for what you are passionate about, don’t just do things because you want to survive, survival cannot take you far, it’s the reason why a lot of people wake up in the morning go to their offices and they can’t wait for the day to end simply because they are not passionate about their jobs. Whatever you are not happy doing is not worth doing because at the end of the day your joy is what keeps you going.


When Chimanada Adichie chose to write it didn’t make sense, she got admission to study medicine but she left knowing fully well that her passion is not in that, she dared the status quo and chose to be a writer because of people like her writing has become an applaudable career in Nigeria.

Kaffy the dancer is another great example of a woman that Passion helped to challenge the status quo when she started dancing, it was a career nobody was proud to be associated with, a lot of people felt and thought dancing was for prostitutes but this woman singlehandedly fought for the course of dancing, she made dancing a professional career, she re-branded herself and today she is a woman celebrated all over the world.

Passion is that inner voice that speaks to you every morning to keep going even when people think you are foolish passion silences the criticism and helps you to stay afloat. Anything you are not passionate about will never last, you wonder what keeps a lot of great men going even with all the criticisms and the failures it is Passion. Passion helps you challenge the status quo because ordinarily we are wired to get tired but there has to be an extra energy that keeps you going and that is where passion comes in, it gives you that extra energy that keeps you going.


As a little girl, I loved to write but I felt it can never pay the bills so with different counsels I decided to study Computer Science and studying that course almost became my greatest regret because I had zero passion so I struggled to meet up with assignments, I struggled to read, I spent half of my days writing in class and it never made sense until I graduated and I asked myself what I wanted to do with my life, I knew I couldn’t go for computer science so I chose writing, it has not been an easy ride but passion is what has kept me going as a young writer.

Your passion is that thing you can’t do without, a day cannot go without me writing, yours could be singing, it could be acting or even presenting, it could even be teaching whatever it is, passion is what you will gladly do even when the money is small, it is that thing you will do for free without feeling bad because you love it.


When you walk in line with passion, the money will come. It might not come at the very beginning but you see if you are patient the money will come.

A lot of the great men you look up to started very low but today they are swimming in millions, the Presidential Photographer Bayo Omoboriowo did not become that in one day, he confessed he was broke and homeless for a period of years but look at him today he is swimming in money.

Start something, follow your passion and the money will come. Stop procrastinating and start doing what you are called to do, if you are committed to doing it, five years from now the story will not be the same, don’t forget to keep growing, don’t stay at the same spot, keep learning and become better and people will definitely celebrate you.

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