It’s another Thursday and we are throwing it way back to the days when we danced reggae and dance moves like galala was on our screen. We are throwing it back to five major songs we couldn’t do without back in those days, these songs will help you appreciate how much Nigerian music has improved, in case you don’t know these songs please when next you see me just add aunty to my name (winks), let the drums roll….

·         Tony Tetuila ft Pastor Goody goody – My car: This song was the hit back then, Kenny music did justice to the video, the drama was so epic that the song enjoyed various airplays back then and it was a major hit. It was released in 2001.  Watch the video.

·         African china- food no dey: I can still recall the lyrics of this song in my head, food no dey, water no dey…. It was a song addressing the issues we were facing as Nigerians back then and the lackadaisical attitude of the leaders. It also generated a large airplay back then. Watch the video below.

·         Mountain Black and Mad melon – Danfo driver: Danfo driver was the hit, the song was basically describing the average Nigerian child who wants to go to school but there was no funds so the child succumbed to being a danfo driver, we rocked this song and of course it enjoyed a massive airplay.  it’s great to see the two perform at the just concluded Headies awards. Watch the video.

·         2Face- African Queen: This is a deep song that connects to the heart, this song featured his present wife Annie, the love between these two is not today. It was a song that was nominated and won different awards, it was a major hit. Watch the video below.

·         P-square – Bizzy Body: This is one song that was our anthem in my secondary school, we all wanted to know the lyrics, this was the beginning of P-square walk to stardom, and it was a song that enjoyed various airplays. Watch the video.

·         Lagbaja –Konko below: I have to give it to Lagbaja this song was the real deal, the dance style was epic, Lagbaja sure gave us some amazing memories. The song was released in 2000 and it enjoyed a massive airplay. Watch the video below.

What was your favourite song? Let me know in the comments session.


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