The common perception about men’s fashion is that men do not make a conscious effort in selecting what they wear, it’s actually a fallacy. As a girl who grew up amidst four different men, I can tell you men value what they wear, do you think being a fine boy is a day job? No, it’s a serious one.

Being a man is a world of responsibilities and you have to look good to get the ladies, it’s funny how ladies qualify men with their dressing and in some cases its by their cars but the real deal is that looking good is good business.

Men have realised that they are also judged by how they look, so it’s best to make the right impression.

Clothes for men has become a big business, it has moved from the men’s tailors to men’s clothing retail chains and boutiques, and now online clothes shopping has made life easy for the busy executive. With the online market then clothing and fashion is less stressful. Since men today value self-expression and the freedom to make their own identities rather than fit into a mould, rules of fashion are few, though quality and fit and value for value remains the biding principle.

Clothes is actually what makes a man, if you don’t drive a car at least look good. You don’t have to rob a bank to look good. The little you have can get you very good wears that gives you an attractive and adorable look.



T-shirts would always be perfect when it comes to switching your looks, you can rock your weekend with a nice tee, match it with a nice chinos or even a pant trousers. Don’t forget to pay attention to your colours, don’t wear a green tee on an orange trousers it is a big disgrace, your black or brown chinos is always a good bet for any colour of tee but at the same time be very careful with the brown colour, it could be selective. It is wrong fashion to wear striped together, don’t wear a striped tee on a striped trousers.


Ankara Blazers are definitely the new cool, it is so interesting as It allows you to switch your looks, with it you could go all traditional and at the same time you could go formal with it, imagine you stepping into a place with that Ankara blazers and a perfect smile please! ladies will be forced to look at you twice.


The look you want to go for will definitely determine the type of shoe, if you want to go formal then go for corporate shoes but if you want to go casual then go for sandals and sneakers. Whatever look you want to go for just look great.


Get you yourself some affordable wears here and rock your own world, good dressing gives you a great confidence so don’t be fooled clothes are part of the things that makes you a man.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to look good!



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