Today we are throwing it way back to the days we couldn’t wait for 8pm and Thursdays were the favourite day of the week, as long as it’s a Thursday you don’t have to preach to me about my homework because as far my dad was concerned homework was the license to watch Superstory so I would gladly finish it up before 8pm.

I will be taking you down memory lane to five superstory classics we all enjoyed while growing up.

  • OH FATHER OH DAUGHTER: If you remember Toyin Tomato then you are on the right track, oh father oh daughter was the story of man named Suara, he was a Poor man who was sacked from the ministry after 10 years of service. In his desperation to find a job he pleaded with his wife Abike to sleep with a wealthy business man after which their story changed. Suara begins to spend the money lavishly and spend nights out, he meets a devious woman named Toyin popularly called Toyin Tomato, he started dating her and that led to his downfall. The story featured amazing characters like Shola Sobowale, Bukky Wright, Yemi Adeyemi, Antar Laniyan etc.

  • One Bad Apple: One bad apple is another interesting story that featured a dubious and callous police officer named Francis who uses his uniform and office to terrorize people until a new officer was posted to that community who reveals his antics and nemesis catches up with him. Casts of the story includes Kehinde Bankole, Wale Adebayo, Grace Amah, Abiodun Majekodunmi etc.


  • Omoye (a child like you): Omoye was a very emotional story as far as I was concerned. It was a true life story that really touched our hearts. Omoye was a very intelligent young lady who wanted to go to school but her widowed mother couldn’t afford the fees so she had to succumb to pressure and took a decision that landed her in regrets.

  • The Grascutter: this was the story of a wicked lecturer who was used to having his way with female students but nemesis caught up with him when he slept with lady who has been cursed, any man who sleeps with her dies in seven days.

  • Nnenna: Nnenna is the story of a young girl named Nnenna who was murdered by her late father’s bosom friend. Her ghost employs the help of Akin, a troubled boy with low self-esteem to expose the evil acts of Mr Wiliki, her murderer.

Super Story was the real deal back then, tell me what your favourite super story classics?


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