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Today, I want to share simple and quick tips on ”How to prepare your skin before makeup”. What some people think of makeup, all that comes to their mind is foundation, eyeshadow and lip gloss. However, makeup is more than that. Before applying the basics on your skin, a few groundwork has to be done. This ensures that your work is clean and your makeup stays in place-all day long. The better the skin work, the better your makeup. Skin work is simply preparing your skin before the application of makeup.

Skin work is the trend now on makeup and you don’t want to be behind as you do your personal or professional makeup to your clients. Most Clients even state it before you put any eyepencil on their faces. They be like” I don’t want heavy makeup aunty, just something simple, skin work in particular”. They want their faces to glow and pop when they show up at that occasion or event.

First step to take in preparing your face is to ‘‘Cleanse your canvas-the face” You can use clean water to wash your face or use a gentle face cleanser to wash your face for your skin type. If you have a dry skin, get a cream cleanser, which will help moisturize the skin, while you are cleansing the face. For oily skin, you can use a foam cleanser to get the dirt off your face. If you have a skin that gets easily irritated, that is, a sensitive skin, just go for a more gentle face cleanser and lastly if your skin is the combination skin, that is, some parts are dry, and some parts are oily, then you should get a cleanser based on that skin type. Try as much as you can to get the cleanser for your skin type so you will not experience break outs or raskes. Also, when cleansing your skin, you can use warm water so as to open your pores and to bring out dirts easily. Please, be gentle with your skin at this point.

Step Two, ”Apply an alcohol-free toner” This step should not be skipped in your daily beauty routine because its purpose is to remove dirts and oil from your face that the cleanser or water could not take away. As stated, use an achohol-free toner so that your face will not be irritated by it. To apply the toner on your face, get a cotton-wool, pour a generous amount of the toner on it and swipe gentle all over your face. You will see that some stains are on the cotton-wool, these are the leftover of makeup or dead skin that the cleanser did not do.

Step Three, ”Exfiolate your skin” Once or twice a week, we need to exfioliate our skin to always get rid of any build up on the skin. To exfioliate, use your normal washcloth to gently apply the cleanser on your face and scrub in a circular motion. You can also use scrub that can be gotten from a regular drug store to exfioliate weekly. If you skin starts getting red or raw, just stop exfoliating for a while. On the other hand, if you notice that your skin is getting dull and hard, you should exfoliate.

Step Four, ”Moisturize your skin” Moisturizers supply water to the skin. They prevent the skin from drying out and also increases the moisture level of the stratum corneum. Make sure that your day time moisturizer contains sunscreen so as to protect the skin against sun damage.

Buy a water based moisturizer which can be used for all skin types. It is odorless, makes the product light, does not clog the pores and easy to apply. This is done so that the makeup does not add oil to the skin and also to wake the skin up.
If you have a dry skin, you need an oil-based moisturizer.
For Oily skin, you need a water based moisturizer.
For Combination Skin, you can use oil-based to apply on your T-Zone areas where oil is likely to be.
You should always avoid mineral oils in moisturizers. The one that works best for your skin is the water based moisturizers with oil control, hydroxyl acids and glycerin.

For Sensitive skin, get a water and non-alcoholic base moisturizer.

Before you move on to the next step, allow your moisturizer to sink into your skin. Give it 5-10 minutes, this will make your skin ready for the primer.

Step Five ”Apply Primer” This acts as a base for foundation. It helps the foundation to go in smoothly on the face and also to last longer. There are cream and gel form of a face primer. some primers also have moisturizers in them, so if you want to save cost, you can buy those types. To apply, dab the primer all over your face or on major spots on your face, then use your finger tips to massage it gently into your skin. Allow to settle for some minutes before you move to the next step.

Rose water is also a good primer for the face. The splash of rose water is the key for that glow you will need for your skin. When applying, be sure to close your eyes and spray a distance away from your face. You can go for the natural rose water for the general skin to save cost also.

Step Six ”Apply Lip Moisturizer” Prepare your lips by moisturizing it before applying any gloss on it. This makes the lip colour bright and even when you apply it on your lips. Moisturizing always prevents lip cracking. To apply, use a lip balm of your choice to set your lips for about 10 minutes so that it can soak in before you apply lip gloss or lip stick.

Step Seven ”Apply Illuminator” This illuminator as the name implies, adds extra glow to your skin and makeup when it is finally done. It keeps your makeup and makes your natural melanin to pop.

Step Eight ”Apply Your Makeup” The last but not the least, after going through most of these steps religiously, you can go ahead to apply your makeup as usual. You will be glad to see the result of your skin work will bring after the makeup. Remember that the better your skin work is before makeup, the better your makeup will look at the end.

To add to these, for every application of makeup, you have to make sure the brushes you will use are clean so it will not abort the effort you have made on the face. If you carry out these steps regularly, your skin will glow even without makeup.

Will like you to share how you prepare your skin without makeup.?

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