This week is fast sha, am I the only that noticed? Let’s cut the crap the weekend is here so tell me what are your plans? Owanbe? Beach Parties? Dates? Whatever your plans are the weekend is just so cool. I know you have this weekend planned out already but what if we plan the next one together, is that not cool?


I love the weekend basically because I can be lazy and not feel bad about it, yes, that’s the idea. You could plan to go  rock the club and have some fun, a date is not a bad idea you could just hang out with boo or bae or even with your friends who says a date has to be with your partner. If you are the party rocker then you could go for parties but just make sure you are having fun.

Outfits for weekend could be classy you don’t have to be lazy with your outfits, so for the guys you could rock the weekend with some Tees and pants you could even go for jean. Your outfits does not have be the serious ones, you could even go for shorts, the whole idea is to be classy.

Ladies, you can go for Tees and jean which is cool, you could go for gowns but not so corporate o, just have fun with your outfits.


Any outfit you decide to go for, Sneakers are your best bet, they are the real deal and what if I told you where you can get amazing sneakers, yes, I know. PayPorte is about to launch some nice and cool sneakers and the interesting part is you can pre-order, all you have to do is visit any of Payporte’s social media account and send a DM to place your order and that’s all. The sneakers will be available by Monday so let’s plan ahead for the next weekend.

Feel free to make your choice!


You don’t like parties or outings? I have another idea, you could go to beach! Yay, beaches are so cool and refreshing, you could go all by yourself and have fun and you could also go with a group of friends. You need beach wears if you really want to get comfortable and lovely at the same time. PayPorte has some amazing beach wears and all you need to do is pre-order, visit any of our social media accounts, send a DM and you will get your order before the week ends.  Let’s plan ahead.

Make your choice and send a DM.

The rest of us that has plans to sleep and relax this weekend its fine but next weekend it won’t be allowed.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to take adequate rest

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