Today we are throwing it way back to the days when we couldn’t wait for 9pm, I could remember bargaining with my dad and cajoling him to watch this particular series because it was clashing with NTA network news back then as a smart girl, I will cajole him to listen to AIT news by 8pm and then I could watch my favourite telenovela by 9pm. The theme song still rings in my head even if I don’t know what they are saying.

‘Cuando Seas Miapopularly known as ‘when you are mine’ hit our screens in 2005, and became the only thing every movie lover in Nigeria talked about, and looked forward to.

The telenovela took over the entertainment scene for over 10 months.


It’s been over 10 years but who can forget the beautiful love story of Paloma and Diego who had to conquer all odds to make their love stand, can we forget the hot villain Fabian and his hot wife Barbara.


When You are Mine’ made Silvia Navvaro (Paloma) and Sergio Basanez (Diego) one of the most loved on-screen couple, and fans were excited when Nigerian TV stations brought them back in another hit telenovela ‘Catalina and Sabastin’.

It’s been a long time and some people can’t even remember the story line and while others can remember clearly please if you remember clearly I have just one question for you “how did you do it?”

So, tell me what can you remember about when you are mine?

Watch the trailer below


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