Hi guys, how was your weekend? was it filled with activities and fun? I bet you had some fun anyway, It’s another Monday and it’s inspirational Monday, today I will be sharing a fiction about a young man who dared the odds and refused to allow failure define him. enjoy the story

David looked at his MD and he felt so confused and lost. He was still yet to know why he was in his office. He had woken up that morning feeling very bright and active, he had even smiled at Clara the office receptionist and she had winked back at him. He was whistling to his office when Clara called him back to inform him that the MD wants to see him. David was surprised and at the same time shocked because he can’t remember doing anything wrong so he went straight away to see his MD.

Mr. Richard looked up as he had been busy checking the record the marketing department had sent to him earlier, his secretary had come to announce that David was waiting to see him, he told her to allow him in. David already had a look of confusion on his face, the MD calls you for just two reasons either to be sacked or promoted and David was hoping and praying that he was called for the latter reason. He greeted Mr. Richard with a smile which was not so genuine cos there were a lot of thoughts running through his mind as he prayed for a miracle.

Mr. Richard smiled back at him as he told him to sit down; he explained to David how his HOD had praised him and told him about how efficient he was in his department at the sounds of these words David was already feeling relaxed the thought running through his mind was that he was about to be promoted but Mr. Richard shocked him when he said “but at the same time you understand the state this country is in right now, the economy is really affecting this company and there is a need to lay off some staff if we would still be able to function properly” at this David came back to his initial state of confusion, he said to himself “this doesn’t look so good” especially now that the MD’s look has changed, Mr. Richard continued as he said “I’m really sorry Mr. David, we have to let you go, we really appreciate your efforts to this company and so because of this the account department will credit your account with your salary for this month and that will serve as your bonus”. David could not look at the face of his MD as he was sure the tears would flow, already he was close to tears, Mr. Richard said “I’m sorry David but I wish there was something I could do. From now henceforth you cease to be a staff of this company, my secretary will give you a copy of your sack letter and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors”. He stretched his hands to shake him but David just walked out of his office with tears in his eyes.

David felt and thought his end had come everybody started gathering round in twos and threes as they had heard earlier that the company was laying off staff and that the MD had called David to his office, David entered his office to pick his belongings. He just couldn’t imagine being jobless in less than two years. He couldn’t stop the tears from flowing so he cried himself out, he thought about his poor mother who had labored and toiled just for him to make her proud. She had been so excited when she heard he got a job last year so what was he going to tell her? His thoughts ran to his beautiful girlfriend Kemi, she had been so faithful in the relationship she was there when he was jobless for three years and when he had gotten the job she had been so excited that she went out of her way to buy him new clothes to wear on his resumption, in fact he had just proposed to her last year and he was looking forward to tying the knots with her early next year. How would that be possible now that he was jobless, with this thoughts he kept crying. His best friend John had ran to his office when he heard he was sacked, he knocked the door, when he heard no reply he forced the door open and met David crying .He moved closer to him and said “stop crying and see the brighter side, may be this is God’s way of asking you to break out”. David was too weak to reply him, all he could say was “John not now”, and john knew he was in pains as they had been friends ever since he was employed to the office, they connected immediately and so they became best of friends. All John could say was “I will be praying for you”. David turned around packed his things and shut the door. He left quickly because he didn’t want anybody greeting him with sorry as he had always hated to be pitied. He looked back as he got to the gate and said to himself “what an irony this morning I woke up employed but I’m going to bed jobless” he then chuckled and said “come to think of it if I was valuable they wouldn’t sack me but I will work so hard and make sure I become so good that nobody would ever be able to sack me”. With this thought he left more determined than ever”.

David looked at the large crowd of people who were waiting to hear him share the secret of success, his company had just been awarded as the most valuable in Africa and he was said to be the youngest to receive such an honour, he mounted the podium to receive the award and appreciated the honour. The programme was being aired on a lot of TV stations and a large number were waiting to hear and see the intelligent face behind the most valuable company in Africa speak. David started by sharing the story of how he was sacked and he then went on to say:

“When my friend John told me that the sack was a way of God telling me to break out I didn’t really understand until years later. I got home that evening and I made up my mind to see the way forward, they did fulfill their promise of paying me the salary but I was shocked when I saw the alert and it was just half of the salary, I was angry I even wanted to go back and yell at my MD but like I said that day I will become valuable, so with that little money and my savings, i went to learn and re-learn. After learning for three months launched out to start my own company. I wrote applications to banks to grant me loans but they all refused. With the little money left after my trainings I looked for a small space and I started my own company and under three years I made my first million, and today as you know  I’m not just valuable, my company is also valuable. Precisely two months ago I bought the same company that sacked me and I’m now the boss of the MD that sacked me.

My story sounds like a fairy tale right? No, it’s a story of determination, hard work and pains, I can’t tell you the number of months I couldn’t afford good clothes. My girlfriend who is now my wife fed me for more than six months after I was sacked, my mother collected a loan for me and my friend John bought me shoes and clothes for months. If I was not sacked I would never think of learning how to be valuable and I would never dream of starting my own company.

My advice to Leaders today and every individual who has a dream, is that your life challenges should not make you break down but rather it should make you break out look beyond the situation and start all over again. Whatever your dream is, don’t be scared to take a step of faith, don’t be scared to try, the same banks that rejected me now look for me to partner with my company. I just want to appreciate my beautiful wife kemi who saw the future even when I couldn’t see it. Also I appreciate my wonderful mother who believed in me and finally my best friend John who never stopped encouraging me and who kept praying for me.

Finally let me add this, When you make it every one who rejected you will come to you so for the sake of the people who need you to rise please “BREAK OUT”

Immediately he finished his speech everybody stood up to clap for him, his wife Kemi was there with their son and she smiled amidst tears as he remembered the days her friends would call her a fool for feeding a broke guy but she saw into his future and she knew it was just a matter of time.  David stepped down and hugged his beautiful wife, he looked into her eyes and said “Thank you for believing in me, I love you” he pulled for a warm embraced and sealed his words with a passionate kiss.


I don’t know what period of pains you are going through right now, please don’t give up and don’t ever break down let that situation propel you to move forward. Don’t be scared of starting small. They might reject you but they will come back when you have made it.

Pursue success and you will find her. Break out of that pain, break out of that failure. Take that step and let the world celebrate you.

Keep trying

Break out of your limitations.



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