If you follow PayPorte on social media you will understand that it is no longer news that PayPorte Global Systems hosted the top 5 housemates alongside Rico Swavey yesterday and the housemates sure had a nice evening.

The housemates were so friendly and accommodating as they took turns to take selfies with everyone, they danced and played with everyone around.

Our Content Writer and Editor, Onome Omodara had a quick chat with the housemates and it was fun interviewing all five of them.

Enjoy the interview



Alex is definitely that girl you don’t want to bypass an opportunity to have a dinner with, she came with so much energy and fun and I really had a nice time with her. She talked about her plans for her career and her feelings for Tobi. I almost forgot, she brought in some moves after the interview! You know what I mean, the dance queen graced us with some moves on the dance floor.

Onome: How do you feel tonight?

Alex: I’m so happy, Yes, I’m great

Onome: you said you are going back to school, how do you plan to balance your career with your education?

Alex: Education is the most important thing right now, I plan to raise enough funds and go back to school.

Onome: Do you plan to go back to UNN?

Alex: I have not made up my mind about that yet, it could be another school but I’m not sure yet.

Onome: How do you really feel about Tobi?

Alex: Tobi and I are close friends for now but whatever happens in the future I am open to it.

Onome: have you heard from Leo since you got back?

Alex: I’ve not really heard from anybody, I’m still settling in and all

Onome: What do you have to say about the outfits payporte gave you while you were in the house?

Alex: God bless PayPorte that sums up how I feel. PayPorte really did a great job

Onome: Do you plan to explore dancing

Alex: Of course! I plan to explore the world of entertainment dancing inclusive

Onome: What was your favourite outfit?

Alex: all the outfits were nice, it’s hard to pick a favourite.

Onome: Thank you for your time Alex

Alex: God bless you too (smiles)


Cee-C is the definition of strength and grace, in this interview she brought in her intellect, fun and of course the real woman she is. It was so much fun interviewing her, she made it so easy to see through her. She talks about her only regret in the house and how she feels about her stay in the house.

Onome: How do you feel tonight?

Cee-C: I’m very fine, I’m good.

Onome: Will you still be friends with Tobi?

Cee-C: am I allowed to skip questions ?but it’s okay, maybe No for now but we don’t know tomorrow so I will say yes.

Onome: was is the one thing you wish you didn’t do while in the house

Cee-C: It will be the day I ripped off the cultural costume outfit given by PayPorte, it is an action I’m really sorry about, I guess I didn’t understand the idea behind the outfit so I’m really sorry about that.

Onome: You brought drama to the house, with you we don’t know what to expect, how do you feel about that?

Cee-C: I’m glad I was able to bring in my best to the house and I enjoyed my stay in the house.

Onome: What do you have to say about PayPorte?

Cee-C: PayPorte you guys are amazing, the clothes, the shoes, you even gave us food, you guys rock and then the PayPorte games that one was really nice.

Onome: What was your favourite outfit?

Cee-C: That will be the1st party and the grand finale outfit.

Onome: Thank you for your time

Cee-C: You are welcome


Nina is not your regular chic o but she is your definition of fun, she was so nice and she made the interview way easier, she was so friendly and made me so comfortable. I had a nice time chatting with her. She talks about her best moment in the house and her plans after big brother.

Onome: How you feeling tonight?

Nina: I’m great

Onome: what is your plan after bb naija

Nina: Go back to school to complete my education, explore acting as a career and start my own company.

Onome: What do you think you could have done differently while in the house?

Nina: That would be not being able to express myself

Onome: What was your best moment in the house?

Nina: That would be Miracle

Onome: What do you have to say about the outfits payporte styled you with in the house?

Nina: PayPorte is so amazing, the shoes, the clothes and the accessories they were all nice and the interesting part is that they were all original. Thank you!

Onome: What was your favourite outfit?

Nina: The valentine and the grand finale outfits

Onome: Thank you for your time

Nina: You are welcome


Tobi, the fine boy himself, this guy was so calm and accommodating. He gave me a nice audience and I had plenty fun chatting with him. He talks about his relationship with Alex and how he managed his emotions.

Onome: How you feeling tonight?

Tobi: I’m great

Onome: How do you really feel about Alex?

Tobi: I like Alex but I will say everything still depends on her.

Onome: Do you think something can happen between you guys in the future?

Tobi: Definitely, nobody knows tomorrow

Onome: Some people believe you were on a low key in the house, you were humble and all, is that really who you are?

Tobi: That is who I am, humility is key.

Onome: Your outburst with Cee-C, how did you manage your emotions?

Tobi: That is who I am, you don’t hurt your friends.

Onome: What do you have to say about the outfits PayPorte styled you with in the house?

Tobi: The outfits were amazing.

Onome: What was your favourite outfit?

Tobi: The role model outfit, it was on point!

Onome: Thank you for your time

Tobi: It’s a pleasure




The fly boy himself, the king of swags, down to earth simple. I couldn’t stop laughing while interviewing him, he was so humble and accommodating, I planned to ask few question but somehow it became the longest interview I had yesterday, it wasn’t just long it was so much fun. Miracle is one guy you will want to keep interviewing. He talks about his plans for the future and how he feels about Nina

Onome: The fly boy, how you feeling tonight?

Miracle: We die here o, I’m great!

Onome: Let’s talk about your Farome jam, what’s your plan for the song because your fans are really waiting.

Miracle: To start with I’m just settling down and I don’t plan to make a song in a hurry, if I’m releasing a song then it has to be worth it. I plan to feature the Toofan guys from Togo and some creative guys like that just imagine the combination! and then I plan to do a remix with some Nigerian artistes I respect and I know it will be a hit. Fans should be patient I will definitely release Farome.

Onome: What is the meaning of Farome?

Miracle: Must you ask (laughs) Farome means something or someone close to your heart as in close to your heart.

Onome: What is the plan after BB naija?

Miracle: I’m going for my CPL training, I’m passionate about the aviation industry so that is the first thing I will do

Onome: Are you going back to Ilorin for your training?

Miracle: No, I will travel out of the country, which is faster it’s just about 3-4 months so I will soon be back.

Onome: What is your plan for entertainment?

Miracle: Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to rush into things. I plan to get a very good manager because I really want to build a brand so I am in no hurry at all. It’s not about first to do it is about staying in the industry.

Onome: Let’s talk about Nina, how do you feel about her?

Miracle: My relationship with Nina does not change outside the house, we are still good friends. I plan to make good use of the friendship, with Nina around it will at least reduce the proximity of female fans and all, with her it is easier to set the barrier. Yes, we are still good friends.

Onome: Can you guys be together in the future

Miracle: We can be, I have feelings for her but there is time for everything. We are both young and marriage is not the next thing, the goal is to make money o (laughs). You never can tell what happens sha and I hope you know that Nina and I are from Imo state, anything can happen.

Onome: Speaking of marriage, there are rumours that you are married, how true is that?

Miracle: (laughs) Marriage, why would they even think of that because I wear a ring. I am not married, how old am I that I will be thinking of marriage, I am 23, I don’t have my own house yet and I plan to have 9 figures in my account before I get married. I am not MARRIED!

Onome: Speaking of 9 figures, how do you plan to stay relevant after winning bb naija.

Miracle: I plan to be a billionaire and I will work towards it, first all I want to venture into agriculture, agriculture is the future. I plan to work with Dangote and make my billions and another thing I will like to be is a celebrity pilot, the aviation industry is my passion, I’m not joking about being a billionaire.

Onome: What do you have to say about the outfits PayPorte styled you with in the house?

Miracle: Mehn, I’m speechless you guys are wonderful. I went to the house with one bag, I left with 3 bags courtesy of PayPorte. You guys styled me based on what I love, It feels like you guys could read my mind and I really appreciate it, you made me explore other choices of clothing that I won’t rock on a normal day, you made me see beyond the clothes I’m used to. PayPorte you guys are the best.

Onome: Take us through the emotions you felt each time you were given a pilot outfit.

Miracle: (Laughs) Mehn those pilot outfits made me feel so fly, I felt so special every time I got one. Let me give you this gist, When I got the grand finale outfit I felt I was not going to win and that you guys were compensating me so that I can at least go home with something, that outfit was nice and it had four buttons that’s a captain’s outfit, to me it felt like you guys were prophesying into my life that I would be a Captain soon. Thank you!

Onome: What was your favourite outfit?

Miracle: All, every one of them. They were all really nice like I love all my outfits, they were all original sef and I will definitely shop with you guys.

Onome: Thank you so much for your time.

Miracle: You are welcome, wait from two questions to more than five, well done.

Onome: (Laughs) Thank you.


How do you guys feel about the housemates, which is your favourite? let me know in the comment sessions.









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