Two days ago Miracle was crowned the winner of big brother naija double wahala season and we can’t get over the show. The TV does not feel the same anymore and we’ve sort of missed watching the housemates on the screen and it feels like the show should continue but of course the show must end.

It’s been 85 days of unlimited and unrestrained entertainment without a shadow of doubt the big brother naija double wahala season has lived up to its theme, it was indeed double wahala from the pairings to the disqualifications , the fights, the emotion and of course the drama, it was indeed so much fun to watch the reality TV show.

The game started with 20 housemates who were paired initially, if a partner fails the other fails too that was tough mehn! Housemates were being disqualified until we were down to the top 5, a whole lot of drama went down.

Big brother really gave us exciting memories, of course we can’t forget the birth of relationships like BamTeddy, LoTo, MiNa or the rise and fall of CeeBi.

What are your most memorable moments, Let us Know in the comment session!


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