It’s another beautiful Monday and as our norm, we are crushing on a staff of Payporte Global sytems, we are crushing on a talented and inspiring young man, the team-lead for the photography department of Payporte, he goes by name Korede Ojugbele. Korede is my definition of talent and intellect, our editor Onome Omodara had a quick chat where he talked about his career, his growth, his passion and his vision as an individual and it was so much fun.

Enjoy the interview

Onome: Good afternoon sir, tell us a little about yourself.

Korede: I am Korede a documentary and wedding photographer, I was born on the 11th of November, was raised in Ibadan Oyo state and a graduate of public administration from the university of Lagos, I am from Ogun state.

Onome: Growing up as a child, what was your dream?

Korede: I wanted to be Journalist, I loved journalism but I gave up on the dream because I felt it was not profit inclined (I’ve always wanted to make money don’t mind me, laughs), then I wanted to study photo journalism but I felt no Nigerian university had the right resources so I decided to go for Public administration but today I do photo journalism, I tell stories with my photos.

Onome: wow, what a story. What do you do for payporte?

Korede: Photography

Onome: when did you join Payporte?

Korede: 2015

Onome: what is your vision as an individual?

Korede: I am people person, I love people and my vision is to bring out the best in people when I take your pictures I want to bring out the beauty in you, I want to make your flaws attractive and give you an understanding of how amazing you are.

Onome: How has working with payporte helped your vision?

Korede: payporte has really helped me, looking back at 2015 till now I have really improved, I’ve learnt new ideas and it is an environment that sharpens and sharpens you, let me conclude this way Payporte sees your potentials and helps you explore them. I am really glad I chose to work with Payporte.

Onome: when did you become a photographer?

Korede: 2014

Onome: what are the lessons leadership has taught you?

Korede: Patience was one major lesson I learnt as a leader, I always expected everyone to be like me and so when I was appointed as a team lead it was a bit difficult because I wanted the best from my team members but I have very cooperative team members who made it easier and I can humbly say I have impacted my team members positively.

Onome: What is your secret to success?

Korede: it’s basically two things, 1. Put God first in everything 2. Instructions from the word of God, these two things are my secret weapons.

Onome: what is your advice to young ones who feel life is so hard and they are about to give up.

Korede: Living is hard, dying is hard but let me ask you what hardness do you really prefer? What I’m saying is this Life is never going to be easy but you have to stay and fight. You need to stand for what you believe in, find your passion and keep going. I’ve not had it all easy but I keep trying and I’m glad I chose this path.

Onome: Mr. Korede it has been a great time, thank you so much and by the way you look really nice

Korede: Onome!!! Thank you, it’s an honour.

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  • Adekunle Adeyinka
    Posted April 27, 2018 9:42 am 0Likes

    Mr Korede, nice one. Hope we get to work together someday


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