It’s no news that the bb naija ends tonight and I know we are all going to miss the unlimited all round entertainment but as they say “everything that has a beginning must have an end” and yesterday’s party was surely a way to end well.

The party was themed to be a Gatsby party the whole idea was to brought out the swag, coolness and exciting colours of the housemates.

The last party was epic with a lot of memories to hold on to but before then let’s take a look at the housemate’s outfit.


Alex was styled in a beautiful white Halter Neck sweetheart Mini dress, the dress really looked good on her as it brought out her height and figure. She rocked the dress and guess what the dress really gave her to freedom to scatter the dance floor and our dance queen did not disappoint us.



Nina was styled in a gorgeous velvet elegant dress, the outfit really looked fabulous on her as it really did justice to her figure and Nina sure rocked the dress. The idea of the Gatsby theme came to limelight, Nina did justice to the dress.


Tobi was styled in an attractive white embossed blazer combo, the outfit made Tobi resemble a guy going on a date with a woman he loves for the first time, the dress brought out the lover boy in Tobi and he really did justice to the outfit.


Cee-c was styled in a pretty off-shoulder bandage dress, cee-c’s outfit did a lot of justice to the theme of the party, she looked so adorable in the outfit and not just that she served it hot in the outfit.


Miracle was styled in a men’s bass check print set, the fly boy was looking fly in the outfit, he looked really cool and so adorable.

The party started with DJ Sose giving us some hot mix, the songs got the housemates really digging it on the office floor, one familiar face we kept seeing was the dance trio Tobi, Alex and Miracle, the three kept digging it and gave us some choreographed moves but you can trust Alex, the dance queen brought it as usual to the dance floor and Tobi kept up with her.

The party was so much fun and the housemates really had fun. As we await the finals tonight we can only wish them all the best.




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