Tonight was the last payporte arena game and it was a very interesting time, the game took a new turn tonight and with Biggie the entertainment is endless.

The objective of the game was to find a suitcase that contained their certificates, each person was to locate their individual box that contained their certificate and their own picture frame but to achieve this there are six stages they must pass through.

Stage 1: it is a pool like structure that had a rail like figure above it, they were to climb the rail to the other side without falling down, if you fall down you have to start all over.

Stage 2: housemates were required to swing which had a bar on tip, they are required to jump the other side and the condition of the game was that your leg must not touch the ground.

Stage 3: Bigggie called this, the bucket throw, they were to stand on a spinner which keeps spinning and from that position they are to throw some balls, some buckets are lined ahead and at least one ball must enter the bucket before you can proceed.

Stage 4: there are seven different black boxes, each box contained an item you must find which is clearly stated in front of the box, the last box contained a silver ball which is needed to move to the next stage.

Box 1: Spider

Box 2: initials

Box 3: Marble

Box4: Green octopus

Box 5: Car

Box 6: Snake

Box 7: Silver ball

These are the items the housemates are required to look for in the box before they can proceed to the next stage.

Stage 5: the silver ball retrieved from box 7 is placed into a maze, the housemate will use two ropes to tilt and turn the maze until the balls drops off

Stage 6: they are required to enter a pool and find the code to unlock their boxes, after finding the code in the pool you proceed to unlock your box and fetch your certificate and the game ends.

Biggie announced that the maximum time allocated was 15 minutes


The participation was in alphabetical order.


Alex had a major issue with Stage 1 and got scared at stage 4, at a point she was crying while trying to find the spider in box 1, she couldn’t complete the game has the buzzer sounded at 15 minutes, she was pained, our baby girl became so emotion and started to cry.


Cee-c had a major issue with stage 1 but she was able to navigate her way at other stages, she finished the game at 12 mins 32 seconds.


Miracle had no issue with any of the stages, he finished the game at 7 mins 32 seconds.


Nina really performed well even biggie applauded her after she successfully finished stage 1 and 2 in time, she had a major challenge ate stage 4 but she navigated her way and finished at 12 mins 6 secs.


Tobi performed well but he had issues with stage 3 and unlocking his box but with all these challenges he finished at 8 mins and 39 secs.


The game was a bit tough but the housemates did a great job in fighting to the end really uneasy lies the head that wears the crown but there can only will be one winner and that is Miracle which makes it the third time in a row. The overall payporte arena game winner will be announced on Sunday during the live show.

Big brother naija is gradually coming to an end, with two more days to go who will be the winner? I’m as anxious and curious as you are, I hope you voted for your favorite housemate?



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