Today we are throwing back to the late 90s, there was this lady who was constantly on our TV screens especially on Sundays with her hit song “osemudiamen”, and I’m talking about no other person but the talented Singer Benita Okojie



Benita Iyere Okojie is a gospel singer who has won different awards, she released her first album in 1998 at the age of 10, and she is a graduate of Redeemers University. Benita got married on the 25th and 26th of November 2016 to her husband Olayinka Adeyina a graduate of Redeemers University (it is allowed, do your calculations they actually met in RUN), she had her first son on the 23rd of November 2016.



With my story you should understand that Benita is not your mate again, aunty has grown but really a friend was telling me about how her mom would always compare her to Benita anytime she was eating too much or she did something wrong, she will just tell her “Benita is your mate o infact you are older than her, there is nothing you can do all you know is food” mothers though. AIT was always playing Benita’s song back then as if the rest of us don’t know what we are doing, many of us didn’t understand what she was saying and the rest of us never knew the lyrics but we kept singing, she really gave us a memorable childhood. but the interesting part about Benita is that she is still relevant, she released a single Owase last year. Aunty still sings and she is really doing well.


image source: Instagram

Today, watch osemudiamen on payporteTV and remember your childhood.


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