Today we are crushing on the delectable and phenomenal Human Resource assistant of Payporte Global Systems, Temitayo is the definition of strength, diligence and commitment. Our editor Omodara Onome had a little chat with Temitayo, enjoy the interview.

Onome: Good afternoon ma’am before we continue you look so adorable

Temitayo: Thank you Onome

Onome: Tell us something about you

Temitayo: My name is Amboson Adebola Temitayo from Ogun state. A graduate of Industrial and labour relation from Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago-iwoye.

Onome: What was your childhood dream?

Temitayo: I wanted to be an accountant but when I saw how hard ICAN was, how hard people read for it and still failed, I had to change my mind o (laughs) so I settled for Industrial and Labour Relations.

Onome: Why did you decide to be a human resource personnel?

Temitayo: I use to think HR was a new career line but I realized that people are doing well in that field, so I put my mind into it and I decided to develop myself which I am still doing. It is a career path I love and I still want to be a world renowned Human Resource personnel making impact in organizations.

Onome: When did you join Payporte?

Temitayo: January 2017

Onome: How has Payporte helped your career and built your vision as an individual?

Temitayo: Payporte has really helped me grow, when I was employed into the company I felt I was going to be under somebody but I realized I was not reporting to anybody so it was a bit challenging but very interesting, payporte is filled with young and intelligent mind and they have really allowed me to explore new ideas, one major issue I had where I was working before was that I becoming a champion, there was no challenge but with Payporte it’s a very challenging environment, you have to keep growing. It has been an interesting ride though tasking but it is worth it.

Onome: When did you get married?

Temitayo: October 2017

Onome: How have you been able to balance your marriage and your career?

Temitayo: balancing my marriage and career has not been so easy but I’m married to a man who is so understanding and loving, we live on the mainland and I work on the island, my husband works on the mainland so he gets home before me but like I said earlier he is so understanding, we have discussed it before we got married so with his support it has been an interesting ride.

Onome: how long did you guys court before getting married?

Temitayo: 11 months

Onome: Tell us a little about your husband?

Temitayo: He is Graham Amboson from Kaduna state, the 5th of 9 children, he works with NSITF. My husband is an amazing person, he is indeed the man tailored for me, he motivates me, encourages me and most importantly he has the fear of God, he loves God so much that I can even use God to blackmail him (laughs), he understands me and errhm he is so romantic, he is the one teaching me about being romantic (Laughs). Marrying him has been such an interesting journey and a great decision.

Onome: what do you have to say to anyone who has the dream of being an HR in a place like Payporte?

Temitayo: 1. Work hard 2. Go for professional courses 3. Read wide, continue learning 4. Be empathetic, as an HR you are the middle man between the employees and the organization so you need to have the interest of both parties at heart. 5. Maintain a good network: it was a friend who sent the advert for this job, I applied and I got the job, meet people and maintain good relationships 6. Competence, be experienced.

Onome: what turns you off in people?

Temitayo: I have issues with people who don’t work at the same pace as I am, I don’t like it when you are not motivated to work or being lackadaisical about work.

Onome: Thank you so much for your time.

Temitayo: You are welcome Onome.

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  • Temitayo Adeyemo
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    WCW of life… Responses as blunt as it gets. Never change


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