Oh ye slay queens, let’s have a little gist.

The word “slay queen” has been trending for a while now, some people feel slay queens are women who are can dress well while others feel they are women with fashion sense but I think the word has been abused and misused, a lot of people feel once you are a slay queen then you are dumb, some feel being a slay queen is an automatic ticket to foolishness but why? I know there are some who are not representing women well but boy just because few people are not doing well does not mean everyone is like that, that’s a costly assumption.


There are lots of ladies who slay and are still very intelligent, you can be smart and fashionable that’s actually the new cool. Ladies, forget about what they said about being a slay queen, you can be smart and slay perfectly.

A senior friend was sharing with me her experience recently, she wanted to go and pick up her son from school but she was denied access into the school, the gateman thought she was the house help because she looked so simple, she felt so offended.

When people meet you, the first thing they see is not your brain but your dressing, your dressing speaks volume and if you don’t know people could be very judgmental so it’s better you give them good reasons to judge you fairly.



As a lady who belongs to the corporate world, there is a need to look your best to work at all times, slaying to work is expected of you as a total woman. Your business casuals should be fitted and smart. Good dressing makes you attractive and preferred.

Let’s take a stroll to the world of imagination but this time with your eyes open sha, imagine you decided to visit this particular restaurant one of your friends told you sells very delicious meals so you this particular afternoon you were so hungry so you walked down to this “almighty restaurant” but you noticed the environment was so dirty but you didn’t mind because you are so hungry and plus you trust your friend’s judgment so you decided to let it go, then you ordered for your food but they served it in a dirty plate, the waiter told you they were busy so they just cleaned the plate with a tissue and you have to manage and besides it’s just the outer layer of the plate that is dirty and she walks out, at that point what will you do?

Please picture your reaction, you will either hiss and walk out if you are the gentle type but if you are a bit tough you will walk to them blast them and walk away some will even go as far as demanding for their money if they paid before the food was served. Whichever class you belong to you will not find it funny if that ever happened to you.

It’s the same thing with human especially ladies, no matter how intelligent you are, your outer packaging speaks a lot that’s the first thing people see when they meet you.


When people hear business casuals, it sounds confusing. Business casuals is in between being formal and being casual. You can’t afford to be too casual and too formal. A skirt and a shirt or a blouse will go a long way, blazers are perfect too, you could go for pants and make sure its tucked in. gowns are also perfect for business casuals, make sure you tone it down with shoes and not sandals.

You are a queen keep slaying with your outfits and keep ruling with your good character.


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