The double wahala season is gradually coming to an end and tonight was the last eviction show but this particular night came with a strange twist, I’ll give you the full gist so just hang in there.

The night was opened with an interesting performance by Reekado banks, Uncle Ebuka was fully dressed like an urhobo man back to the main gist so the game took a new turn tonight.

Ebuka asked Alex about her relationship with Tobi and Aunty replied that they are just friends and she feels her relationship with Tobi has been misinterpreted  but she claimed they are friends, the table was turned round and Tobi was asked if he could date Alex, he said he could date her but that’s not ours to judge but do you think these two can work out?

The housemates were moved to the arena, where some suit cases were lined up and the housemates were asked to pick a suitcase, one suitcase contained money but guess who found the money? It’s the fly boy o, the suitcase Miracle picked contained N200,000 that unku is just winning everything, Congratulations to Miracle.

After the game they were asked to move back to the lounge but Ceec, Anto and Khloe were asked to remain in the arena, Anto and Khloe were evicted thereafter. Moving back to the lounge Lolu was evicted and that means there are five housemates left.

Lolu, Khloe and Anto joined Ebuka on the live stage and they all claimed they had fun while in the house, Lolu said if he would have a girlfriend that would be Anto and Aunty was just blushing sha but will Anto and Lolu make a cute couple?

Lolu, Khloe and Anto will definitely be missed, the top 5 are Alex, Miracle, Cee-c, Tobi and Nina who do you think will  win the money next week? Let me know in the comments section.

Congratulations to the top 5

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