Hi guys so it’s Thursday and today we are throwing it back to the good old days of interesting TV commercials, some of us literally knew the song from the beginning to the end. Let’s bring back some interesting memories as we view five of those interesting commercials.

THE COWBELLOCRACY ADVERT: That song was so interesting, the location was a park where everybody was getting bored, the cowbellocracy bus passed and the song started “oyoyoyo, our milk” I bet you still remembered. Hit play jo and start singing.

HONEYWELL “BAMBAMLALA”: This song was a major playlist even on radio stations, the advert was set around a guy who was dancing and people joined him to dance after the dance they all went to get their Honeywell noodles. Watch the video below.

INDOMIE CONCERT: This one was really heartwarming- a group of children at a birthday party while waiting to be served indomie noodles decided to help an old man sing in order for people to donate money for charity. The song went like this “to me, to you, it’s up to us to make the world a better place… I loved this song and somehow my beautiful colleague decided to sing it this morning and I couldn’t help but sing along. Watch the video below.

INDOMIE DO GOOD: Indomie has been coming up with sweet adverts sha, this particular one featured a woman who enjoyed cooking for the children in the neighbourhood, she cooked noodles for them this particular and the kids honoured her with the Do good song. “Mama do good o, you do good”. Hit play and watch

SKYE BANK I WISH: Before you think I like food too much, I had to make this my final five, I remembered singing this song with so much passion in my secondary school, I’ve been a dreamer is not today o, even as a little girl the song had a meaning to me and that was the only reason I decided to open Skye bank when I moved to the university. Let’s sing together.

What was your favourite TV advert as a child? hit me up in the comment section!


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