Rice for so many years is one of the most consumed grain in the world and as at 2010 192 different rice dishes have been made all over the world from it and that includes ofada rice and stew, fried rice and jollof rice which has become native to us in Nigeria.

Today we will be learning about a not so common rice dish #drumrolls. Jambalaya rice. Let me give you a quick gist about how we met, I was out on a date a day after I hosted a group of people and served them fried rice,  and so I was to choose what I’d love to eat then I asked the waiter what they had that’s not fried rice nor jollof rice then she joyfully told me to take jambalaya rice that I would love it and sincerely I really did enjoy it so I went online to get the recipes and I got quite a number of different recipes and so I went in to research about the dish and here are the thing I found:

  • Jambalaya has its origins in the Mediterranean cuisines of Spain and France, especially in the Spanish dish as paella and the French dish known as jambalaia.
  • Jambalaya rice consist mainly of meat (sausages, seafood, chicken, turkey, ham, beef etc.), vegetables (peppers, onions, tomatoes, carrot, chillis, garlic, celery e.t.c), stock (chicken preferably) and finally rice (long grain is preferred). And you can combine the ingredients as you like or as you can find.
  • There are two primary method of making jambalaya and they are differentiated by the presence and absence of tomatoes.
  • There is a less common method of cooking it where the meat and vegetables are cooked separately from the rice and after the rice has been well cooked, they are mixed together and this is called the “white jambalaya”, and this method ensures a shorter cooking time.
  • There is a simpler style of jambalaya in which there are no vegetables so that it will be child friendly, have a more consistent texture and it is easier to make.
  • Jambalaya rice is actually very filling, colorful and a simple-to-prepare rice dish.

I will be sharing one of the recipes I found


Meat : smoked sausage or ordinary sausage.


Deboned chicken and turkey.


 Vegetables : bell Peppers- (Green, Red, Yellow) – one is enough for each type

Onions – 1

Scotch bonnet – 2

Spring onions – 2 stems

Carrot – 2

Tomatoes – 3

Seasoning :    Salt


Bay Leaves




Black Pepper

Seasoning cubes

Vegetable Oil

Chicken stock- 5cups (not heavily seasoned one)

Margarine – 2 tablespoons

Rice – 3 cups

Lemon – 1


  1. Prepare all the ingredients: wash all vegetables and meats, cut into cubes and convenient shapes, place in different containers within easy reach.
  2. Heat up the oil in a pot, add the sausages first and let it become brown in the pot then remove from the oil, add the ham, chicken or turkey and other meats one after the other in the same manner.
  3. Add the chopped onions and other vegetables (except spring onions and parsley) with the margarine to the oil and fry till the vegetables are soft. Then add the tomatoes, scotch bonnette, garlic and thyme and allow to fry.
  4. Add the chicken stock and bring the contents to boil, add the already washed rice, the fried meats and 3 bay leaves, season the mixture to your taste and allow to boil till the rice is almost cooked.
  5. Then add the spring onions, parsley then squeeze in the lemon juice. Stir together so that the additions spread evenly and then lower the heat to let it simmer. Then cover it with either a supermarket plastic bag or a flat piece of foil, tuck in at the edges to ensure that the rice is properly sealed, no steam escapes and so the rice does not dry out and it will soften well with the grains coming out tender and perfect without clumping together.
  6. Allow the rice to simmer for 10 minutes or more till you are satisfied and it has absorbed all the stock. Stir together gently, remove the bay leaves and serve

Thanks for the audience, I hope to get a feedback on how well you enjoyed the dish.


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