It’s another beautiful Wednesday and today we are crushing on no other person than the delectable and phenomenal Ochanya Amanda Itodo, the Head Procurement and Content writing for Payporte Global Systems and as the norm is our Editor Omodara Onome had a chat with her.

Ochanaya is an amazing and interesting lady who is hardworking and dedicted and today we celebrate Ochanaya for her dedication and resilience to Payporte Global systems.

Enjoy the interview.

Onome: Can we meet you?

Ochanya: I am Ochanya Amanda Itodo, the Head Procurement and Content writing for Payporte global systems.

Onome: What was your childhood dream?

Ochanya: I always wanted to be a lawyer primarily because of my dad, my dad was and he is my perfect role model, he is hardworking and committed to his job as a lawyer, I always wanted to be like him.  I went to the University of Jos to have my diploma in law but when I saw all the big textbooks and plenty notes I lost interest in law, although I tried taking jamb to study law but University of Jos didn’t offer me law, I picked up interest in international Relations but when I got to Madonnna University international Relations was not available so I studied Sociology.

Onome: What is your vision in life?

Ochanya: As a child I wanted to get things done, I was eager to provide solutions, I was pained when I saw kids on the road begging for alms and so I wanted to be a solution provider. I don’t like lazy people because I think nothing should be too hard for you to do because success never comes easy. Yes, I want to provide solutions.

Onome: When did you join Payporte?

Ochanya: I joined the payporte family on the 1st of July 2014, I was employed as a customer care Representative and product catalogue.

Onome: How has Payporte affected your vision as an individual?

Ochanya: Payporte has really helped and shaped me. When I joined Payporte we were short-staffed and so I had to work in different departments and we have an amazing managing Director, Mr. Bassey pushes you to bring out your potentials. I work so hard and I became so better, looking back now I have become better and confident, today put me in any department and I will function well so I am grateful for an environment like Payporte, growing in Payporte is so interesting.

Onome: What do you have to the younger ones, those who feel hard work is tedious?

Ochanya: Whatever responsibility given to you is not too much, you need to understand that nothing is too much, it has to start from your mind, be open and flexible. If you are asked to do something don’t give excuses. If you are faithful you will be promoted even if you are not promoted you are becoming better and valuable as an individual.

Onome: Tell us, why should we shop on Payporte?

Ochanya: Payporte has the best and affordable prices, I’ve shopped even outside Nigeria and I can say Payporte is still the best, what you see online is what you get so I advise you try payporte and share your experience.

Onome: I almost forgot ma’am, you look stunning! Thank you for your time.

Ochanya: (smiles) thank you Onome, it’s an honour.




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