In our fast and dynamic world, you will certainly agree that packaging is more important than the contents in terms of impression, I’m not talking about the conventional type of packaging sense of shinning gift covers and wrappers on a product or item but the more urban usage of the word packaging! Where the looks of ladies are dazzling and glaring better than the music and fashion icon Beyonce with their choice of outfits and footwears; they make heads turn once their presence is registered.

The guys? Oh, They are not left out either as they rock dope tops, out of the world jeans and urban footwears  better than that guy that’s a threat to our girlfriends ; Whats his name again, hmm.. Oh, hushpuppi!

The simple truth is this, “All na Packaging” – From trying to impress and look simply good, it all boils down to packaging. From dressing really formal for that interview to get your dream, and dressing really Cardi B to blow out the mind of your crowd it is still packaging! Truth is, Packaging is positively good – It oozes out the state of your mind’s expression at that exact moment through your outfits.


Packaging is like that brand you put on your body – The brand of you that you most certainly want people to see immediately they see you without interacting with you. If you had to buy a soft drink and you thought to yourself, “Hey, let me try some new products” At the glimpse of the new soft drinks you’ve never tasted, the packaging of the soft drink is what you interact with first before you even taste or grasp a feel of the product – At the moment of trying to select the most preferred soft drink, you most certainly will go for the drink that its packaging looks more mind-blowing than others – The packaging is the first point of contact, the packaging has acted as an extension of the product.


Anything you put on your body becomes an extension of your body- Clothes, hairstyle, nails, haircuts, perfumes an extension of yourself – You are as important as what you wear. So, why settle for just anything that can misinterpret what you are, why settle for anything from just any seller that doesn’t show you are funny, lively, creative, intelligent, a party rocker, friendly, creative, goal getter, relaxing or celebrity like personalty. To get best outfits click here


In the city of Lagos tagged “The city of packaging”, let your packaging stand out from the crowd, Let Payporte take care of your packaging because we understand your outfit is an extension of your body and what you put on your body is just as important as who you are.






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