It’s another Friday again and in the big brother house it is the arena games sponsored by payporte, the game took a different turn tonight as biggie claimed the game should evoke some childhood memories, he told them the game contained fun activities, he called the game “flash back Friday” and he also mentioned that the housemate with the overall fastest time of the PayPorte arena game will be awarded a million naira courtesy of PayPorte global systems limited.

Biggie mentioned that if 3 housemates could finish the game in less than 3minutes, it is an extra addition to their wager. The game had four challenges.

Challenge 1: A simple obstacle, it looked like a bouncing castle, the housemates are meant to climb to the other side.

Challenge 2: Another simple obstacle similar to the first one, the housemates are meant to climb over two pigs on the structure to the other side.

Challenge 3: it is metal structure, ladder like, the housemates are given straps that had laser balls at the edges, they are meant to throw the laser balls on the structure and at least 2 balls must stay on the rung of the ladder without falling off, they cannot proceed unless the task is completed.

Challenge 4: it is a deflectable structure like a bouncing castle except it contains pillars, the housemates are meant to place a sticker on each of the 12 pillars of the structure, and the stickers are placed on the table beside the structure. After placing the stickers they are meant to find their way to the finish line by sitting on a deflectable ball, they are to hop on the ball until they get to the finish line which has a tent, they are meant to enter the tent and the game ends.

The housemates did their best, they performed excellently but their can only be one winner and the winner for this week payporte arena game is Miracle the fly boy.

Overall results are as follows:

Nina- 2:21

Miracle- 1:21

Anto – 2:22

Lolu- 1:29

Alex- 2:13

Cee-c- 1:40

Tobi- 1:27

Rico- 1:55

Khloe- 2:41


The game ended on a good note for the housemates as biggie announced that they won their wager which was set at 100%, they scored a 100% they all danced and rejoiced when Biggie gave them the news.


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