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In my third year in the university, I went for this business and career development conference where this intelligent and cute young man came to speak to us and in his speech he advised all of us to be entrepreneurs after we leave the university, he went further to buttress his point that there is no sense in working for somebody from 8am-5pm every day. I was shocked when I heard recently that this same young man has taken up a job and he is an employee in a particular company, I asked my friend who was giving me the gist “what happened to all the, be your own boss sermon” my friend couldn’t stop laughing. I know what’s on your mind, what if he took that job to save up and start his own company, this guy was against this in that seminar, he mentioned that once you start working for a company they pay and promote you and that hinders you from starting your own company.

Entrepreneurship has been overrated, everybody wants to be a CEO but have we asked ourselves if we are all CEOs who will make the companies grow, you can’t do everything as a CEO you will always need the services of others.

intrapreneurs might not be as popular as Entrepreneurs but I feel they should be celebrated, these guys are the ones who make things happen and even entrepreneurs cannot deny that


Intrapreneurs are employees and innovate their employer’s business from within the organization. Intrapreneurs are employed to help and make the company grow. The work and position of employees in any organization cannot be ruled out.


Entrepreneurs are as valuable as intrapreneurs but the bone of contention should be the reasons behind becoming one, love should be the motive behind what you do and not money. Money should not be the most important thing.

If money is the reason you want to be an entrepreneur, I’m afraid you are not ready to be one. If you sit down to listen to business owners who are wealthy they can tell you how many years they spent being broke but they continued because they were passionate about their business.

As an intrapreneur if the only reason you are applying for that job is to make money, you won’t go far in that company, it is passion that makes you work 8am- 5pm without complaining because you know you are adding value to that company and in turn the company is adding value to you as an individual.

Your career choice should be to follow your passion, you can be an intrapreneur and be valuable, if you love it then go for it. When you follow your passion and you work very hard money is bound to come it might take time but you will make it if you don’t give up

Passion takes you through the longest nights, passion keeps you going. Don’t be fooled intrapreneur or entrepreneur you are valuable and you are very important.



That’s Ubi Ekapong Ofem popularly known as Ubi Franklin, he is a nigerian music artist manager CEO made men music group (Triple MG).in 2017, He launched a start-up called Instant Pickup, a service which specializes in instant home pickup and delivery of laundry. ubi is a successful entrepreneur.


Meet Uzor popularly Known as Son of Melchizedek, Uzor is a Marketing and communication expert, he got his first job in 2011 and he presently works with Payporte, if there is one thing to know about Uzor he is definitely a successful intrapreneur.


Do you really think Entrepreneurship is overrated or would you be comfortable being a valuable and dope intrapreneur, share your experiences in the comment session.


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  • Bassey Eyo
    Posted April 7, 2018 4:35 am 1Likes

    Nice article. For sure not everyone will be a CEO. But we must all have an entrepreneurial mindset.


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