Today we will be reviewing the new Samsung galaxy S9. Samsung has decided to save us a little a bit, the phone was described to be a competition for IPhone X has it has similar characteristics to Iphone X. if you are considering a Iphone X but the money at hand cannot afford one, you don’t have to stress yourself, you can go for the Samsung S9.

The Samsung S9 was released 16th March, yeah, it is still very new. This phone is handy and sleek, it comes in two models, the Samsung S9 and the S9+. We will compare the two later but let’s talk about the S9. The Samsung galaxy S9 follows its highly successful Galaxy S8 and could set the bar for Android smartphones for the year to come.

The phone features Samsung’s now ubiquitous edge-to-edge display, AR emoji, a powerful camera and stylish super-slow motion video. Samsung has said the smartphone will “reinvent the camera”, putting high-spec camera technology front and centre of the new handset.

It has an excellent display with a great 5.8 inch size. It looks quite similar to the older S8, but the screen is slightly longer with slightly thinner sides. Both feature a rear fingerprint sensor, while the S9 has a single lens camera and the S9+ features a dual lens camera for the first time, following on from the dual camera from galaxy note 8.

The phone comes with good speakers, the bass is quite low thou but it produces a great sound and it has a strong performance.


The camera

The Samsung Galaxy S9 features a much improved camera with several interesting tweaks and innovations that the company hopes will wow their clients and put the phone at the top in the market. These include a dual aperture, which means the camera lens can be made larger or smaller, essentially controlling how much light is let in.

The lens is either an  F1.5 or F2.4. The larger can allow more light to pass through, creating a brighter picture and improving the image in low light conditions. The Galaxy S9+ also features a dual lens camera, which should allow for greater depth effects. Both cameras are 12MP, while the front selfie cameras are 8MP.


Apple started the race with the iphone animoji but interestingly other smartphones makers are seriously following the trend. Samsung has launched AR Emoji, essentially a cross between Animoji and Bitmoji, which uses augmented reality technology and the phone’s front camera to create an avatar of the user. This copies the user’s movements or facial expressions to create unique characters. Samsung says this can then be sent in Gif form, meaning you should be able to send Animoji over messages, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with ease.

If you think this is all a bit familiar, well you’d be right. It’s been compared to Apple’s Animoji, the animal characters on the iPhone X which use facial recognition to send animations.

Super slow motion camera

One of the most exciting new aspects of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is its super slow motion camera. This improves on its old model and can now be set to record and at 960 frames per second. The new super slow-motion mode can be found in the camera app. It uses motion detection to find when the slow-motion moment should happen, meaning you simply have to set the app ready and wait for the highlight.

Live translation

Using its camera, the S9 can automatically translate phrases, words, menus or street signs. It requires an internet connection to do this, but the technology means you will need never feel out of place trying to navigating abroad.

Difference between s9 and s9+

SCREEN SIZE 5.8 inch 6.2 inch
DIMENSIONS 147.7X68.7X8.5mm 158.1×73.8×8.5 mm
CAMERA Rear camera 12MP, Front camera 8MP Rear 12MP, Front camera 8MP
STORAGE 64GB but can be extended to 400 GB SD card 128GB but can be extended to 400GB SD card.
WEIGHT 163g 189g


Samsung S9 and S9+

Samsung S9 promises you a great experience, I will advise you get one and if you have one already share your experiences.

image(s) source: Google


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