Black Panther was released two months ago but we still can’t get over the movie, since its release it has been breaking records all over the world and you want to ask what is so special about this movie? If you have watched Black Panther you will understand that it is still best super hero movie produced.

Recently, Black Panther broke another record. According to variety news, Disney studio reported that Black Panther has topped the studio’s “frozen” for the 10th spot on the world wide box office with $11.28 billion. That is not all, it is presently the fourth highest domestic grosser of all time at the North American box office with $652.5.

Black Panther is still the first super hero movie since Avatar to lead the domestic box office for five straight weekends.

China has been the top international market with $105 million followed by UK with $62 million and South Korea with $42 million. Black panther was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion picture.

The joy we have has Africans is that this movie did justice to the fact the Africans deserves to be tagged as heroes. If you have not watched the movie then you need to pack your bags and meet us in Wakanda because it is a very exciting country. If you have watched the movie, tell us your experience.

image source: @blackpanther


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