The Saturday house party for this week took another turn as a matter of fact we never expected it, it was a cultural party that took a new turn, housemates were styled and dressed to represent the beautiful cultures that makes up Nigeria.

Bambam represented the hausa culture, Anto represented the Fulani culture of the northern part of Nigeria, Ceec was styled to represent the Calabar people of Cross Rivers state Nigeria, Alex wore Agbada a dressing associated with the Yoruba people, Khloe represented the Benin people, Rico Swavey was styled in Agbada to represent the Yoruba culture, Nina was styled to represent the igbo culture, Teddy A represented the Igbo culture, Miracle was styled in Babariga to represent the Hausa culture, Tobi represented the Efik culture of the southern Region of Nigeria and Lolu was styled to represent the Bini people of Edo state. The housemates were styled by the innovative Payporte Company.


The housemates slayed in their dresses although aunty Cee-C decided to transform hers which was not cultural and in turn caused a major uproar on the social media, it was a slap on the face of the designers when she claimed the dress was nonsense but we hope she has a reasonable explanation to give,

The transformation

I mean the designer and the team that came up with that dress worked so hard to come up with that and aunty just rubbished it like that.

The party took a different approach, while we were expecting a DJ to come and scratch something for us Biggie came up with a live band, the saxokay afro Jazz band based in Johannesburg south Africa did a great job, the housemates danced and of course our dance queen Alex never disappointed, Aunty danced well as usual even Khloe was so connected with the band that she kept dancing and singing.

A major highlight was when Ebuka appeared like a thief in the night, the housemates were shocked and at the same time excited to see him as they kept taking turns to hug him and as usual Ebuka killed the Agbada he wore for the party. The housemates sure had fun with him as they were glad to kidnap him after the party.

After the party, he spent some time with them and then like Judas Iscariot we never knew Ebuka had other plans, he announced the evicted housemate and unfournately it was BamBam.

The housemates never saw that coming, we the viewers are shocked sef, Ebuka left the house with Bambam but we do hope it’s a joke sha but let’s wait till tomorrow to know the real fact but bIggie is so unpredictable.

Teddy A could not hide his feelings as the strong man cried after BamBam was evicted, the love must be strong but let’s see what happens tomorrow.

I’ll catch you tomorrow, I promise to give you the full details of the eviction show.

Have a great night rest and we wish all our Christian readers a beautiful Easter Celebration.


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