The time we await is here, we really want to know the fate of Bambam, the show started on a very high note as Johnny drille and Korede Bello performed. Ebuka reminded us that yesterday’s eviction was real as he called welcomed Bambam on the show, she was asked about her relationship with TeddyA and she said she would love that it continues but all the same she can’t force herself on him and she also explained that she was very real while in the house although she felt hurt at some points but now she is out, she also said she would love to go fully nto filmmaking and hopes someday to cohost a show with Ebuka but we will definitely miss Bambam.

The night is still young, Ebuka announced that there is still one more housemate to be evicted and we never saw that coming, Johnny Drille performs Romeo and Juliet. Ebuka announced the next housemate to be evicted and that was Teddy A that was not so funny.

Korede Bello performs his debut single Work it out, the song was really nice. Teddy A joined Ebuka on the show has he explained that his next plan is music, he also explained that he cared about Bambam and he promised to help her in the future, we are yet to understand the meaning of help actually.

Really? Are we thinking alike right now? The two love birds might be meant to be, it looks more like a coincidence that the two housemates got evicted the same time, Nigerians had a lot to say, we do hope this two can make it happen but we will definitely miss them in the house and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

The game is not over and tomorrow is another nomination, let’s see who stays and who goes. Big brother is constantly ready to keep us educated and entertained.




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