Mondays and Tuesdays are my best, Esther said with a frustrated look, I know that look and it depicts just one thing and that is the fact that she is tired, fashion for her is hard work but she wants to be attractive. She said to me “Mondays and Tuesdays are easier but all other days you just get confused, you don’t know if you should go casual or just dress corporate, it sucks”. Looking so fashionable to the corporate world could be so confusing especially when you have to look good and corporate at the same but not to worry you are in safe hands, looking good is good business, your dress has a way of magnetizing people to you. If you have a job that requires you attending to people every day then you will agree with me that your dressing plays a big role in depicting how customers would relate with you.


Yes with Thursdays we know the weekend is already knocking but generally speaking, Thursday has a way of making you feel so lazy and do you know why it is simply because you can smell the weekend already but that should not stop you from looking great.


Bodycon dresses is definitely a great catch for your Thursday casuals, it’s a great gown that would make you look fashionable and at the same time corporate, if you so desire you could match it with a jacket. One interesting thing about bodycons is that with or without a jacket you are good to go and the interesting part are actually not so expensive, interesting isn’t it? Yes I know.



You can rock the bodycon dress with a sandal, a peep tone, a snickers or even an exclusive hilly shoe. It’s all about your taste, you can switch the bodycon to look casual or corporate.

Where can it be found?

I can read through your mind right now, I know you want to ask but where can I get one? It’s very simple, just click here and you are good to go, pick your choices, place your order and thank me later.

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