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Today is another beautiful Friday and as the custom is in the big brother house, it’s the payporte arena game challenge, the game took another turn tonight, it was a para military game something and it wasn’t so easy as the housemates were seen struggling to finish the tasks to time.

The game was in four stages, the first stage required the housemates to immerse their legs completely in about five bowls of different liquids and the next stage was a mud pool which contained different objects, they were to look for the card that contained their name which will be submitted at the end of the challenge. The third stage was a wired maze, they were to cross the maze to move to the next challenge, the last stage required them shooting the image of a dummy soldier.

Alex initially had issues she was seen closing her eyes to immerse her legs in the bowl and she almost cried but she manged to complete the task at 8 51 secs, unfortunately Bambam couldn’t complete the task but she did a good job too, all the housemates did a great job because if I was there my own drama might be more than Alex o but really it was a great task.

Miracle won the challenge within a time range of 1 min and 06 secs uncle did not go and play at the school of aviation as he played the game like an experienced soldier. Ceec was the runner up she completed the challenge at 1 mins and 41 secs followed closely by Khloe who finished at 1 min 50 secs. The game was so much fun.

A big congratulations to Miracle the fly boy.


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