Windows 10 operating system has officially been released for a while now and it has amazing features and additions but like every other operating system it has its own advantages and disadvantages. I will be sharing with you based on my own experiences and some researches I made online about windows 10. If you are planning to get a new PC then you might have to read this just to prepare your mind.

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  • It is sleeker with a nice interface
  • Task view button has been included
  • It has been redesigned so that the users of windows 7 can find it easier to use
  • Edge browser has been introduced which allows users connote any web page using finger/stylus or keyboard input.
  • Copy and paste is enabled in the command prompt
  • Virtual desktop
  • Cortana voice assistant is present and she could be very useful




  • Touch friendly features has been removed, you can’t close apps by swiping them from top to bottom
  • Cortana (virtual assistant) requests for all your personal information to function and it will be shared to Microsoft for better services but some people will not be comfortable having their details out there
  • Windows update is available which forces users to update every now and then.
  • Searching for files could be difficult as it hides files


I use windows 10 and I can say I’m really enjoying it but my major disadvantage with it is still the update, it updates almost all the time and it could be annoying as it consumes a lot of data. I faced a major issue recently, I was downloading updates and my data finished during the whole update process but I noticed my track pad stopped working, it wouldn’t click, I took it to my repairer at computer village and he told me it was because of updates, you needed to see my face I was so angry, so you mean I came all the way down here and you are telling me it’s update, I got an external mouse just to be safe but the gist is this, two days later I got data and continued the updates and just like that the track pad is working perfectly well now. Can you imagine?

Microsoft should do something about the updates but asides that windows 10 is perfect it is a balanced version of windows 7 and 8 blended together. Share your experience in the comment section and let me know what you think about windows 10.

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