The big brother naija continues with a very interesting twist and a little spice to make the game more interesting and challenging, this time around with a big surprise.

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Big brother is now a god of second chance as Ebuka announced during the live eviction show on the 18th of March that big brother has decided to bring back two evicted housemates into the house with full privileges to play for the 45 million prize and it means people can start voting for their favourite evicted housemates.

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The housemates were not aware of the plot as they thought the following Sunday was going to be another eviction, Alex mentioned on Saturday after the night party that they should party well as this might the last party for somebody but what she did not know was that big brother was up to one of his tricks.

On Sunday the 25th of March during the live eviction show Ebuka announced the two evicted housemates to be returned and they are Anto and Khloe, you can recall that Anto was evicted last week while Khloe was disqualified after the fight she had with k-brule, the two housemates were sneaked into the house by Ninjas at 3am and a lot of Nigerians were awake to watch the return of the girls.

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The housemates were surprised and at the same time excited in the morning to see the girls back to the house although Cee-C was a bit withdrawn initially but she later explained that she loved the vibe they brought into the house.

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Big brother warned the new housemates not to let in of what they saw outside even though they were coming from there and he also warned the old housemates not to ask the new ones anything, any attempt to do that equals to disqualification. Nobody dares to say anything, who wants to go home? Big brother also announced that the game has been reset which means all their plenty sins have been forgiven you see even big brother gives second chances.

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The return of the evicted housemates has brought in new drama and we can see that they are already fully back into the game, Monday was not interesting has the housemates decided to play the truth or dare game which brought out a lot of emotions at the end of the day.

The game is still getting hot has four housemates are up for possible eviction on Sunday and these housemates are up: BamBam, TeddyA, Nina and Cee-c. Keep voting to keep your favourite housemate in the house.

Big brother is ready to give us ‘as e dey hot entertainment’ keep watching as you never can say what big brother is up to.

what do you think about the double wahala season so far? let’s know in the comments.




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