Where are my football lovers and fans? Get in here and let’s have a little chat. With the new happenings every day you can say that the European Premier league is not for the lazy ones but for the competent and hardworking teams. A lot has happened since this season began although this season is rounding up, let me give you a breakdown of two latest happenings.

  • Manchester City brings in their A game: Let’s face the truth, this season has been tough and challenging for some teams but man city is really doing well and they are close to being crowned as the winner of this season’s premier league. These are the top 10 teams on the table and their points.
1. Manchester City 81
2. Manchester United 65
3. Liverpool 63
4. Tottenham Hotspur 61
5. Chelsea 56
6. Arsenal 48
7. Burnley 43
8. Leicester city 40
9. Everton 40
10. Bournemouth 36

You will agree with me that the chance of Man united meeting up with man city hence topping the table is very slim with about six matches to go but we will keep watching till the very end of the season.

  • Mohammed Salah tops the race for European golden shoe: Mohammed is an Egyptian player who plays forward for Liverpool, last weekend was a great height for him as he scored four goals in the match against Watford. The golden boot award is presented by the European Sports Media (ESM) to the top ranked goal scorer in the continent, a higher weighting is given to goals scored in the UEFA’s top 5 leagues which are; the premier league, Laliga, ligue 1, Serie A and Bundesliga. Sala has scored 20 out of his 30 premier league appearances, hitting multiple goals in six occasions including Saturday’s goal.

EPL this season has been filled with a lot of exciting and even heartbreaking days but the season is not over so we still expect more from the players, the teams and even the coaches. until may 13th that this season will officially end let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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